No one wants this Rouille Courier BIN 999.99 OBO??

  1. oh boy, i'm going nutso with all of these gorgeous b-bag auctions, help!!! :sos:
  2. I like the color but the leather looks kind of thin and is a little too veiny for me.
  3. ^I agree...maybe it could be treated. Gorgeous color though, one of my favorites.
  4. Its one of those auction drop off places, ick. I tried to sell an Invicta watch thru one of the isolditonebay places and they totally screwed up the description and what I wanted.. (used them because it has 2 cts of diamonds on the face and I wanted good pictures)..needless to say it didnt sell and I took it back. I have watched this bag, the color is growing on me...if I made an offer what should I make it for, because its veiny? I want a courier just to experience it!
  5. Well, the Courier seems to go for a pretty low price on Ebay since it is not popular but the color Rouille is a desireable color.

    I think they'll let it go for $800-850 since it has been relisted so many times.