No one wants this Dolma City?

  1. That is a great looking Dolma!!!!!!!!!:love:
  2. Hmm..I asked for additional picture but seems like it is not authentic..:confused1:
  3. Lulu, I don't see anything alarming about the photo you posted... what makes you think it's not authentic?
  4. I think inner stud should be like Black one..This Dolma is just round..
    And my bag is same year as Dolma that's why..If I'm wrong correct me girls
  5. If that not real, we should all just go home.:sad:
  6. i posted this to the authenticate thread (i think it was there), and someone warned me that other tPF'ers asked the seller for additional photos but the seller was less than forthcoming. kinda shady.

    also - shouldn't the whipstitched leather on the handles match the color of the bag? here it looks tan.
  7. I gotta tell you guys, I don't feel very comfortable with this bag. Not enough pics in the auction to say for certain.
  8. The whip-stitching isn't always the same color as the leather. Just look at 04 Lilac and Rose, their whip-stitching is almost contrasting.
    And notched rivets started at some point in 05 but inconsistently, so I would not dismiss the bag just based on that.
    It's a newish seller and for this reason maybe her eBay etiquette isn't top-notch (i.e. sending photos). This is not anyone I know, I've never bought from her, so I really have no motive to defend her - I will just say that the bag looks authentic to me, and if I wanted a Dolma, i would have BINed the first day.
  9. Aaalabama has this bag - Bama, how does this compare to yours?

    Mods - sorry for the authenticity discussion. I had no doubts about the bag's authenticity when I posted the auction and wanted to reply to the concern that arose in this thread.
  10. thanks for the info. i need one of those "i'm new, but i'm learning!" name tags they give wait staff in training :p
  11. welp, i don't have my bag in front of me, but i think this one looks good to me (the leather, the color, the stitching, the rivets, etc.) :girlsigh:...just keep in mind that i'm not an expert & don't know the seller!!!
  12. I'm fairly sure that authentic bags from pre-spring 05 (season of Dolma) may or may not have notched rivets, as Bal was in transition in changing this.
  13. Anytime :smile: I would never call myself an expert, but I bought my first Bbag on eBay almost 2 years ago, and have been researching them since a bit before. Also I'm a little obsessive about these bags :blush:

    Bama - thanks for replying :heart:
  14. She's can't be that inexperienced with a starting price like that. Meaning she obviously knows the value of what she has. Nice leather I'm thinking