no one loves azur?

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  1. I just looked at some more pictures in the "celebrity's and their Lv" thread and I wondered:

    Why aren't there any pictures off an azur bag?? :shrugs:

    I remember that when the cerises came out they all had a speedy immediately and now! nothing?! How come?
  2. ^honestly I hope celebs don't start carrying azur!!! IMHO, then even MORE knockoffs of it will be made to keep up with demand:sad:
  3. I guess in summer we'll see an invasion of Azur bags. Just wait.
  4. ^ agreed!

    I don't buy things just because celebs carry them..the less people carry the bag the better..
  5. you're right

    I don't want them to be everywhere but it's just something I was wondering:search:
  6. it's pretty new and i guess these celebs don't feel like buying the Azur for winter...wait til Spring or Summer...:P
  7. Yeah, it's spring/summer bag. Mine is still in plastic in the closet waiting to come out and play.

    Although it has looked cute on those who are wearing it during the Winter. If it gets cold enough here for me to wear my winter white wool coat I will bring it out!
  8. Just give it till spring. ;)
  9. lotsa celebs don't like damier...but I agree...wait til summer
  10. yup! but LV sure have some goodies for 07 spring/summer too!
  11. i think it's a spring bag
  12. I agree, once S/S comes, you'll see them more.
  13. Its just such a new bag, that sometimes it takes a while for celebs to catch on. Its different from the "Fashion Bag" category.
    When the Leopard Stephen came out, we immediatly saw Jessica Simpson with it -- But its a fashion bag.
    The azur is not a fashion item -- and therefor won't go out of style.. and I think it will take longer to catch on.

    One thing for sure: THEY WILL HAVE FAKES SOON! This always happens, and its soo upsetting. I read the post earlier about someone with their caryall -- and it sometimes makes you wonder "Should I pay all this money, if people are just going to think its fake?"
  14. Well, besides it being more spring and summer-ish, it's also a permanent line. With the MC, a lot of celebs carried it because it was one of those waiting list only things and that was before it was decided that it'd be a permanent line. Notice a LOT of celebrities carry the hard to find, limited lines. I've seen them with Graffiti, CB, MC (when it was "Limited"), Cerises, etc. But you rarely see them with the regular line bags, minus the few exceptions like Angelina and her Mezzo, Jessica and her monogram Speedy/Sac Chien and Hilary and her Speedy.
  15. Well, there will always be fakes no matter what. I think you should only buy bags because you LIKE them and love the style, and if you're afraid of what people might think (i.e. that it's fake), then it might not be the bag for you.
    Buy what you love and let other people think what they want; you know your bag is real and that's all that matters! :yes: