No One Knows It's Coach!

  1. My husband was laughing at me the other day. I have the Bleecker Shopper in the British Tan. She's beautiful by the way....
    But back to the story, I was checking out at the grocery and the cashier said she liked my bag. I said thank you. She said, where'd you buy it? I told her I'd ordered it from Coach. She looked at me and said, it doesn't look like a Coach.
    Just because my bag doesn't have C's all over it, doesn't mean it's not a Coach. There are so many fake Signature Bags that so many people only associate Coach with those. Crazy!
    She really is beautiful though...:heart:
  2. that's really funny :p
  3. ooh, that's annoying! But hey, take it with a grain of salt, that was a grocery store cashier talking to you... no offence to grocery store cashiers (before I get a beating) I was once one looooooong time ago so I am allowed to make that comment :smile: ! Some people just don't know their fashion and only associate bags with the logos they scream out to them. No worries got2bcoach, true Coach and fashion mavens will know you carry a Coach.
  4. I love the Bleecker Shopper, too. I'm hoping it'll still be around for purchase with the next PCE. I can understand why no one knows it's a Coach when there are so many Sigs out there (real and fakes). I think that's why I prefer the leathers because of its subtle beauty.
  5. This is why I prefer all leather bags to signature bags. It seems like every other person is carrying the signature bags!!
  6. were you actually using your bag as a "shopping bag" or did you just have it with you.
  7. To me, it doesn't matter if people recognize my bags as being Coach (or whatever designer it might happen to be). I buy and wear what appeals to me and if other people don't appreciate them it doesn't really matter. It's all for me, not others. ;)
  8. I buy leather legacy bags because they are different from signature. And if they were real coach lovers/buyers, they would be able to spot a coach instantly. Hey all i have to say is Wear Her Proud!
  9. With a few exceptions, I have mostly Coach leather bags too. Although anyone who knows me know that whatever type of material the bag is, it is sure to be a Coach!
  10. some types of leather bags, ie soho are very recognizable as coach to me. others not so much which can b fun too!
  11. when i wodner hey is that coach i always look for a hangtag
  12. let's face it...the C's SCREAM out COACH COACH COACH!!!
    I do have a couple of signature bags, but I prefer the beauty of a COACH leather purse.
  13. Yay Bleecker Shopper!!!
    I *love* mine and get tons of compliments on it. I like the fact that it's not as recognizable as some of my C bags :smile:
  14. ahh that's funny! you must've been like, 'huh?'

    to coach lovers, that seems like a strange comment, but to the average person, the large C's are the only giveaway of a Coach bag, for the most part. I guess take it as a compliment & also, you taught her something! And you seem even more knowledgeable in a great field ;)
  15. I love carrying my leather Coach because people know it's pretty but don't always know what brand it is! I think that's one of the best things about it! I like sig on other people but not so much on me.