No one dine w me tonight, so take-away from H..

  1. It's Sat night and no one dine with me, DH is out w friends and all my friends are busy, even my mom has a date..:crybaby:
    so i got some take-away from H..:yes:
  2. Oooo ... please show your goodies! My heart is not very good at waiting too long .... :p
  3. Thats ok, it's YOU time!!

    Pics please!~! :yahoo:
  4. pizza time tonight.. :drool:
  5. POINTU!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. bingo... here it comes.. orange bolduc pointu :yahoo: :yahoo: i've been longing for orange bolduc scarf for so long ... :p
  7. full pic :smile:
  8. Fabulous billbill, you MUST post some modeling pics!
  9. Oooh, is this what you can do when you're left alone? I need to get that man out of this house . . .!
  10. Very delicious take-out billbill...congratulations!!
  11. Beautiful Pointu, congratulations and enjoy!
  12. Bolduc pizza. Yummy.
  13. ohhh, i bough the same silk scarf in color of cream and shades of grays in Paris last month
  14. haha.. so cute.. the 'pizza box' ;)

  15. thanks ladies.. here it is with her fuschia bolduc sister. :p