No on a paddington, yes on a Balenciaga!!!

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  1. Okay, I was at NM yesterday and saw different size paddys. I'm sorry to say that I wasn't too impressed by them. :huh: Sorry paddy lovers :shame: They're just too heavy and didn't appeal to me. The Silverados looks better. I'm looking for more of a stylish everyday bag (besides a Speedy).

    But my gosh, the B-bags were gorgeous! I fell in love with them the minute I saw them and when I felt the leather, I fell in love with them even more! Sigh... :love: Now I need to choose a color for they come in beautiful colors.. Any suggestions??? :idea:
  2. Awww, I love my paddy :love: But Balenciaga is a great choice :nuts: For this season's colors, I love the cornflower blue and ink :love:
  3. the only thing i don't like about the balenciagas these days is the crackled leather. it makes it look too shiny and plastic. =( i so wish they would go back to the old stuff!
  4. Of the current season? I like the Ink, Green and the Cornflower blue.



  5. Hmmm ... you might want to wait a little bit longer for the late Spring or even Summer colors. Typically, Balenciaga comes up with some brighter and funkier colors for those timeframes. Of course, you could always get Black (uggh :sick: ).

    The Cornflower Blue is nice ... I find that the Ink looks like a Black & Blue!
  6. Darn, I guess I have to wait! I love the ink color. That's the one I was eyeing yesterday.
  7. I have both the ink and cornflower. I do like them, but am also looking forward to the summer colors (camel, emerald, and red/orange).
  8. I wish there was someplace in LA where I could see Balenciaga bags in person.
  9. I've heard the Barney's NY in BH has a good stock of Balenciagas. Complete hearsay of course, since I'm 6000 miles away, but thats what I've heard.
  10. I'll check it out, thanks!
  11. If you don't see what you are looking for, ask a SA (John and Sunshine are great) if they have any bags in the back. The SAs at Barneys BH frequently "store" bags in the back for customers. They had a great selection last time I was in. You can also call ahead and ask them what b-bags they have in stock. Again, last time I was in they had twiggy, city, box, hobo/day, work, office, weekend, purse, etc. bags in. I was in Maxfield (on Melrose near Robertson) a couple of weeks that time they did not have any of the spring b-bags in.
  12. That's funny, I just called to ask them and spoke to John. He said they have "a good selection." I'll go check them out once we're back from vacation.
  13. LOL:biggrin: I was thinking about getting a medium city bag in black.... sigh...:love: 2 weeks, 2 weeks...
  14. I'm loving the cornflower, it's too bad that you decided on no paddy, but a balenciaga is also a fabulous choice ! ;)
  15. Well I'll see, I'm going to Southcoast and they have a Chloe store there. I'll take a second look!