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  1. some of you girls i've seen in the 'post your bags' thread, look really young and balenciaga bags are are least a thousand bucks. are you guys filthy rich and not have your own jobs, your parents just buy them for you? im not tryin to be mean or anything, i was just wondering. if you DO have your own part time job, then the jobs you haveyour age must not pay very much since you're without college degrees n all. :x i would imagine you'd work hard for rent first and not workin for only a bag. you all cant be heiresses. :p

    so how are you buying all these bags? i mean 1 bag is ok. but at least 5 or 6 bags worth so much and you're not even a celebrity or a rich executive or business woman. it just made me think, that's all. dont hurt me. lol
  2. There have been many threads on this - if you do a search you will find many replies. I am 16 and have 1 bbag, it took me about 5 months to pay for my bag but it was worth it.
  3. Now sure what you consider "young". I am 26 years old and married. My husband and I each respectively make a good living and that's how I afford my handbags.

    You can't really make assumptions on how people afford their handbags. Some could save up for months working that part-time job (by the way, I'm not sure how you concluded that if one is a part-timer they are automatically uneducated) or full-time job. Some have generous husbands/boyfriends. Some have generous parents. Some have bad debt. You never know. :wondering

    This question has been asked quite frequently in the general handbag sub-forum and the bbag ladies are pretty straight forward so I'm sure you'll receive your answer shortly (from young and older).
  4. I'm 24 years old. Sounds young... but when you take into account that I started college when I was 17 and graduated a week after turning 21... it gave me a bit of time on some people.

    I'm married, and DH is turning 30 this year... so he's got a few years on me, he was in the military for 4 years, was in college for 4 years, and subsquently makes what I would expect a 30 yr. old engineer for an automotive company should be making... I'm going to graduate school, so he pays for all of our living expenses and right now I just take care of my "personal" expenses. (i.e. Shopping)

    Also, I owned my own business, a dance studio - and sold it prior to moving for DH's career... so in addition to making a higher wage then most would make straight out of college, I basically made an investment - which allowed me some "discretionary income" that most wouldn't have, without having owned their own business and then selling it... I kept the dancewear portion of the studio, so I've been slowly selling some of that inventory off and that helps cushion my "mad money" additionally...

    So, there are all kinds of situations. You never know. ;)
  5. im 19, i have 1 Bbag (on the way) 3 LV bags + acc, a fendi spy and a miu miu coffer.
    I am at university studying dentistry.
    My SO pays for most of my bags, hes in construction, so i guess im pretty lucky. The only bag I have paid for myself is my LV neo fuschia.
    So just a normal girl imo, with a lovely boyfriend! xx
  6. Well, I'm 23. I went to uni but didn't graduate (my choice, not theirs). I've had p/t jobs since I was 17 and am now working f/t in a good job. I save money every month from my paycheck, and if there is a bag I really want (and I mean really want) I save up for it. Its that simple.
  7. Im 21 and Ive been signed to a record label since I was 16..I worked very hard and released several albums and managed to finish high school at the same time..
    I bought my first designer bag when I was 17 a LV cerise monogram, and people would make weird remarks about it on how my parents spoil me..
    but u know what..i worked for every penny of it and i knew how hard it was, so it makes me feel good to buy and own all those bags

    u never know..nice storys btw:yes:
  8. I am 25 years old and I am in a rigorous pre-med program with a double major, I also have another degree, and I am in a well paying internship. I can honestly say i dont pay for all my own stuff but my family takes very good care of me and yes I do come from a wealthy/generous family. :smile:
  9. I am 21 and waiting for my forth bbag to come in the mail. I am in the military and both me and my dh save money for stuff that we really want. My mom thinks that $20-30 is very expensive for jeans. I did not have any money growing up because my parents don't make a lot. I have very nice things because I save and I work hard at my job.
  10. i'm 23 now, but i graduated college with a major in management and double minor in finance and management information systems when i was 21. ever since then i've been working as an IT consultant.

    in addition to actually being young, i look it too. so not only do coworkers make comments about how i must be "a spoiled, daddy's girl," some of my friends do too. i consider myself lucky to have grown up comfortably and now that i'm older, make a good living.
  11. I think you're being awfully presumptuous in assuming things about people's ages and salaries.

    There are a ton of people on here (myself included) who work our tails off and who have college degrees & beyond and good paying salaries. For that matter, you don't need a college degree to have a high paying salary (hello Bill Gates).

    I'm 26, I have two degrees and I have a well paying job. I can easily afford rent & handbags.
  12. I'm 27, and have a double major as well. I am now in grad-school and will hand in my master thesis february 2008.

    I have been working p/t and full-time by turn through out my studies and the years between BA and my Master..

    I was lucky to get my first bbag (preloved) as a birthday gift from my boyfriend (Who is not well off btw). Before that I used to buy Mulberry and Miu Miu bags on sale. The rest of my Balenciaga bags and accessories are all purchased preloved or on sale..

    I normally buy my own stuff and I fund it by selling of items from my vintagedress collection - or my shoe collection ;) Most of the money I earn from my job goes to paying rent, food, concerts, going out etc.

    Funny you should think the bbag ladies aren't well educated.. This forum actually proves you wrong ;)
    Check out the thread about what bal gals do for a living!!
  13. pardon me, pardonmyfreedom, but i think it's really rude to make assumptions about anyone on this forum...assumptions can be a dangerous thing, so tread carefully...many of us are 20, 30 & 40-somethings with good paying jobs & dual income households...IMO, nobody here owes anyone any explanation about their age, income or education in relation to how they can afford to buy their bags :true:
  14. WELL SAID :yes:
  15. I'm 21 and in college...I don't have very much money but I have 2 part time jobs and I save most of what I earn for buying bbags :yes:
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