No offence intended in the last post.

  1. I posted ealier on today with what i found online.

    I am sorry if i have offended people and it wasn't my intention. That news was made by someone else and did not post it to cause any atmosphere.

    Posting that link does not imply any views that some people think I may have. I am not bias and posted the link with no malice in mind. I saw this news and never heard it before in my life.

    I do have a mind and can think critically. True or not or views towards the article, doesn't matter to me. I only submited info (or not) that some people may have not known. Its history like any other.

    If it makes anyone feel better, I am also an LV fan. I don't feel that news (for what it is) encompass who I am because I like LV. I'm not a judgemental person. Again I apologise if I have offended people. It really wasn't my intention.

    :shame:Lesson learned I wont post anything like that again! SORRY to LV fans who i have offended.:heart:
  2. its ok. you shouldnt feel the need to have to defend yourself and if you do then it is probably others that are in the wrong.
  3. Thank you cherry pie
  4. Dont worry about it, there is no need to apologuise. The only thing is that it had been disgussed before and there were other threads about it, thats all. :flowers:
  5. I don't think anyone was offended don't worry
  6. Good should not have to apologize. Im sorry to you that some made you feel like you should.
  7. Ya, no need to apologize or to worry about it. Your post didn't offend anyone. If it did, they'll get over it. ;)

    Keep on posting- I like reading your posts. :smile:
  8. I didn't read your last post or know what it was about, but enough to know from this thread that your heart is big enough.
  9. Agreed! I didn't read it either :flowers:
  10. Me 3...
  11. Thank you everyone. It makes me feel better thats all is fine.:heart:
  12. I didn't read it either.
    No worries!