No offence anyone, but HOW do we know is authentic?

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  1. Her website has been mentioned every now and again as being authentic but HOW do you know that? I know her feedback on ebay is 100% positive but I feel nervous about buying ANYTHING LV from a source other than eLuxury.

    I asked this Q in the shopping forum and got responses that she is authentic, may be I'm just stupid/overly cautious and should just believe she is authentic.

    Help, anyone???:sad:
  2. Do you have reason to believe otherwise?
  3. With any re-seller I can tell that the products are authentic by looking at them. Karen takes really good pictures so you can see everything and know that the product is authentic. Also, her feedback is flawless.
  4. 1. w/ her VERY DETAILED PICS, you can tell that her items are real
    2. she lives in Paris and lv is cheaper there, she can turn around and sell for more to people who live elsewhere
    3. im not way sure but i think she works for LV or if not she's a VIP.

    some people on the forum know her.

    she's authentic though. no doubt about it.
  5. And also... She has WAYY to many LE/ VIP Exclusive pieces to be faking it.. I mean when a seller has like 1000 Cherry Blossom Pouchettes, ya know something is up.. But with Karen, It's like 2 of every LE ever produced...
  6. Karen sells the real deal. I have done business with her and she exceeds in customer service. :biggrin:
  7. Well I am sure she is ok..but you can NEVER be 100% sure unless you buy it from elux or lv boutique. My store manager told me someone brought in a Oskar Waltz that he autheticated but when it was sent to LV for repairs they discovered it was a fake.
  8. Karen has tons of creditability.
  9. One of the resellers I'd buy from also!!!
  10. She's the only reseller I'd deal with outside of this forum.
  11. I the only one who sees an alarming conflict in this statement? If the manager can't even tell the bag was a fake, what's stopping someone from returning or exchanging a fake bag and then having that bag resold to you? :wtf: You can't really be 100% sure then...can you? :s
  12. This is how I feel, and this is why I will personally never purchase anything LV except from eluxury or an LV boutique. There are way too many fakes out there for me to be 100% certain about ANY reseller.

  13. That does scare me a bit! :wtf:
  14. Me too! :blink: I had never even thought about that.
  15. ITA, when you look at her stuff and speak with her, there is just no question.