No of posts going down??

  1. Hi

    I am not sure if I am going mad but I am sure when I posted yesterday I had over 900 posts and at the time of posting it is 896!?!

    Anyone else having this problem


  2. ME ME ME!!! I just reached a little over 1,000 this afternoon and then i noticed it went down to 888.. WHAT THE HECK??
  3. I noticed the same thing last week during my posts...That my number was decreasing and starting over around 260-280 somewhere in there. I posted alot last week, but there was a point where I stopped and said to myself "I know I passed that number yesterday or the day before and now I am at it again".
  4. I am sorry ladies, I had to purge some old posts (MP1) while cleaning up the database from unnecessary junk.

    Those of you who posted in there, lost some posts.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. oh oki.. now, I understand why my numbers went down as well.... thanks for the clarification..
  6. haha ok that explains it.. cuz i was like i hit 20000!! wooohoo. hehe then iws like. uh?? maybe i didnt.teehee
  7. Glad to hear this,I thought I was losing my mind :nuts: .One minute I had 997 then bam dropped down to 950 :sad: .
  8. Thanks Vlad. I really thought I was going mad for a while! Just so glad I'm not!:yes:
  9. ooooh that explains a lot.
  10. Thanks for the update. That explains it!!