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  1. First of all: I don't have anything against Michael Kors I have things of that designer too

    Yesterday my DH and I had lunch and my kite tote was standing on the chair next to me. A couple came in and while they passed our table she said 'Ow, look a new Michael Kors bag'. My DH who is so not into brands choked almost on his sandwich 😂😂. He said loud 'It's a Mulberry, it starts with a M but that is it'. He really was in shock that people didn't notice the difference between Michael Kors and Mulberry. I had to pointed out to him that 4-5 weeks ago he didn't know that neither 😂
  2. 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍 Could be also my DH! 😂😂😂😂
  3. Hahaha! What an ignorance! But you have done a jolly good job with your DH:smile:)
  4. That is hysterical!! You've taught him well! I think my husband would actually have replied to them in a very similar way because he is also a quick learner (not so sure that's the best thing though for me when it comes to bags!!) I'm amazed when he starts commenting on brand names & is actually correct! :lol:
  5. Ahahahahahahaha.
    I love my mulberry bags and own quite a few Michael
    Kors bags now as well.
    My poor hubby has also been trained. When I was fussing over one of my MK totes and not wanting to place it somewhere dodgy, one he bought for me, he asked why as it was 'just a Michael kors'.
    I never thought hubby would turn into a bag snob. Hehe.
  6. Hilarious!!! Not sure my DH is that well trained yet!

  7. I didn't do a thing for it [emoji23] The day we bought my Mulberry we visited the Michael Kors shop too so I guess he noticed the difference settings [emoji57]He wants a Mulberry wallet for his birthday. I think he has the virus too [emoji6]
  8. Tee hee! 😂 It's contagious!!!
  9. Sorry this upset you.

    To be fair, without tree logo & some of these new designs--I have trouble telling bags are mulberry, also.
    Especially from distance.

    But, please don't let this ruin your joy.
    Other people say stuff. Meh.
    Just words.

  10. Ow, I'm bad in brands too never know if it's a brand of not. I just never thought that my DH would respond like that [emoji6] Because he is not at all in brands and stuff
  11. Well, chances are it will be a new Michael Kors bag soon. Dude pretty much dupes every single bag he lays his eyes on. Lol!

  12. [emoji23]
  13. Mk not only one.
    (Cough, cough) celine trio & coca's new mulberry clifton (cough, wheeeeeeeze, cough) ;) :biggrin:
  14. Last year I was on a train with my daughter, she was carrying a Michael Kors while I had my Louis Vuitton Delightful and as we were getting up to leave the lady across from us said "oh wow is that a designer bag?", just as I was about to say yes I realised she was talking to my daughter! :lol: :lol:

    Oh well...
  15. Ahahahahahahaha! :smile:
    I love my MK bags too.
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