No ! No !.... She Just "LOOKS" Homeless

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    Clad in her trademark torn leggings, Mary-Kate Olsen is single-handedly spearheading the Beverly Hills street urchin look. Spare some change?

    Just because she appears homeless, don't think that looking this heinous comes cheap -- MK's custom designed fur coat from a French fashion house comes in at a whopping $11 000 and her orthopedic torture devices disguised as high-end footwear from Balenciaga will run you about $1500.
  2. She has a weird sense of style
  3. She looks like an OLD homeless woman. Her hair is white! Not a good look on anybody. I can't see the shoes but I am imagining them to be those things she is always pictured in.
  4. She can afford expensive fur coats but the girl can't even buy a pair of real pants. She looks so sad and she has a creepy old person look about her.
  5. did she dye her hair back? looks awful! She'd better borrow Britney's wig :smile:
  6. it looks like she's trying to be some kind of old, eccentric diva. I know she's rich and her career isn't as it used to be on the small screen, but I don't think she's at that stage where that's appropriate yet...
  7. I just really can't stand her.
  8. Why does she have holes in in her leggings? Her sister needs to help her out. How can she spend so much money on clothes that don't fit her....
  9. she baffles me sometimes. sure, with all the money, you dont need to look like a diva everyday on the streets *ahem mariah* but at least look presentable?
  10. Just goes to show that with some people, a butt load of $$ can really eff you up.
  11. Yikes, her hair looks so fried from the peroxide. The holes in the stockings? I don't consider that boho chic hon. ..
  12. Remember that Crystal Waters song, Gypsy Woman?
    ...she's homeless
    la da dee la dee da
    la da dee la dee da
    la da dee la dee da
  13. Sigh..I long for the days when I actually envied the outfits she and Ash wore.
  14. Wow, I knew it was MK when I read the title.
  15. Personally, i respect anyone with a unique sense of style. She has balls, and for better or worse this look is her own. As others said-- we knew who this thread was about without even looking. At least her cootch isn't hanging out like other young A-listers. More power to her.