No----!! No more strawberry charm!

  1. :crybaby:I think I'm really going to cry now; I thought the item is not out yet so I waited a few days to go into the boutique for the new floorset change to first see if it's going to be out, and if not, to ask if I can place an order at the boutique. I went yesterday to the boutique and asked the SA and I called JAX over the phone today and they both said there's no more available!! :crybaby:The SA said it's a 2005 release so there's not going to be any more! Nooo! I really wanted the charm :crybaby:I should have acted faster, but my parents are super frugal and if they see "" on the credit card they would have freaked out, so I procrastinated...and now left without a charm! :crybaby:Thanks for letting me vent :crybaby:
  2. Sorry to hear. Yeah when i called a week ago there were only 4 left.. Sorry you missed out but will keep an eye on eBay for you.
  3. When I ordered mine from JAX , they couldn't guarantee I'd get it but it came yesterday! Keep trying!!:yes:
  4. According to my boutique, it was released 12/26/07...wonder if they were talking about the strawberry KEYCHAIN that was released in 2005. At any rate, there aren't any more charms, I checked as well.
  5. aww.. I missed out.
  6. Im sorry for everybody that didnt get one.