No news for S/S 2014 swatch yet?

  1. Anyone knows about the upcoming s/s 2014 swatch ?
    Can't wait to see the new colors.
  2. no news, no pics:nogood:
  3. I am so waiting for the holiday collection
  4. I know .. sadly, my "intel" agent is all the way across country now. However, one could always make a trip to the Bal boutique ... ;)
  5. No bal boutiques near me :sad: Is there any chance they will have a Burgundy/Wine color out in S/S 2014? I was planning to get a black town now but might wait if something good is coming out soon :smile: Not crazy about any of the current colors...
  6. This was posted today by Balenciaga on Instagram..

  7. Interesting. Thanks!
  8. Hmmmm .. would love to see a closer pic of the leather; it almost looks like it's textured in some way.
  9. Yeah, if you look at the Instagram pics, this is DEFINITELY Chevre (Hamilton) leather. Don't think this is 2014 S/S .. but more likely the '13 Holiday line (I do recall someone saying that the Holiday collection would have a Metallic Mint) ...

  10. can't wait to see metallic mint
  11. I love that green color. Do they ever do holiday colors in Works?
  12. Yup s/s'14 has a mint and light pink. It looked like the covered hardware too. It will be coming in mini bowling bags, mini coin, etc from what I saw on a store card..
  13. Interesting I like the looks of the leather not sure if the trim around some of the details is leather or metal. I think it looks like metal because it's shiny looking. I'm not sure if I like the detailing or not I feel like it makes it look almost like it's a fake trying to look like a Bbag.