No navy Grand Shopping Totes at NM--very disappointing

  1. I just spoke with my SA and she said there were none "in the company" and none on order. I will check around, but I have gift cards at NM I would like to apply and I wanted before the Feb. 1 hikes!
  2. always the case. Seems like when you finally make a final decision on something they're not available.

    Sorry :sad:
  3. I have the same problem. It looks like everyone is looking for Grand Shopping Totes at NM and are using their gift certificates. I wasn't looking for navy, but a beige one in caviar w/ silver hardware. They had one in the store, but when I finally decided, it was gone. The lambskin one I would've settled for, but it's gone too. Arrgh!
  4. maybe they'll allow you to buy it now (color you don't want), hold onto it, and then do an even exchange even after the 1st (since it will be the same item)?

    worth asking...
  5. I'm sorry :sad:
    I know when I got mine last year, they said it was rare..
  6. I am also looking for the GST, but black with silver. No store seems to have it. I wanted it before the price hike...but that doesnt look promising.
  7. I've called everywhere pretty much days on end. and, well, the black with gold is really really hard to find, so i can imagine the black with silver is really hard! i just got one yesterday at dallas, TX (i did a phone order), and they had just opened it in the back. If you'd be satisfied with black and gold try calling dallas. I'd call lots of stores, because it seems like some stores have been getting some shipments recently (like my SF chanel did) Good luck!!!!