No!! My new Chloe Maryjanes don't fit!!!

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  1. I'm so mad :cursing:
    I bought them on eBay after triple checking the insole measurement with the seller and I got them and she was 1/5 of an inch off and MAN it makes a difference when your foot is angled!
    I tried a 1/2 footbed and an insole and neither worked.
    I am so sad.

    These are too cute.

    I know that Louboutins run small, so I guess this style of Chloe runs big.
    What are other high end brands like??
    I don't have Choo's or Dior but all of my Chanel flats run to size.
    chloe.jpg chloe1.jpg
  2. I'm so sorry!! :sad: Can you maybe sell these and find another pair??

    BTW, my Chloe wooden wedge platform sandals fit perfectly true to size.

    I bought the Louboutin 'lastic booties the minute they were available, in a size 38 (I had 3 other pairs of CLs already so I knew that was my size).

    DOH!! They were too small by a MILE.

    DH found a pair in a 39 for me in Paris, so it's good.

    But man that is annoying!! :mad:

    All my others (Choo's, Zanotti's, CLs, MBs, Narciso, etc run true to size as well).
  3. I am so sorry this happened to you.
  4. If she was wrong in her description then don't you have a case for a refund?
  5. She accepts NO refunds. Nothing.
    I'm wondering how I should list them on eBay? Really low and risk not selling them? Or at the price I paid? I always assume that "reserves" put people off bidding when an item is really low.

    Maybe I should move this to the eBay section?
  6. I'd include a reserve to be safe, you don't want to risk losing loads on them.
    If someone really wants them a reserve shouldn't put them off
  7. I'm not sure where you live.. I i found the SAME EXACT shoe in C12 in the NYC yesterday on sale.. under 199 I think..FYI

    Sorry they don't fit :sad: Its hard buying shoes online..
  8. i have those and they're huge too. i got my usual 39 and wear them with an insole and they're still really big. and then i got a pair of chloé wedges this season, in a 38.5 and they're almost too small, they stretched out though. nothing like consistent sizing :cursing: should sell them on ebay really but i love them :crybaby:
  9. You can tell the seller the item is significantply not as described and get a refund - that's what I'd do. This particular style is on sale now so I wonder how much of your money you'd get back. (Saw it on sale at Intermix).
  10. The thing is, a lot of people don't live in NYC ;)
    Plus, mine are online before people buy them at the sales and try to sell on eBay, so I'll take my chances.
    The seller had explicitly stated no returns, even though she didn't measure correctly. I took a chance I suppose. At least they turned out to be real!! My god, I was so worried they wouldn't be and I'd be stuck with an expensive pair of fakes.
  11. oh honey, so sad for you. I bought these last year, and yep, they are a whole size too big, and even tying them tighter doesnt help. Like you I had to sell mine and it completely broke my heart.

    so sad for you
  12. My point is it doesn't matter what the seller says - if she measured wrong its an item significantly not as described and under Ebay policy you can get your money back.

    I saw them on sale in South Florida at Intermix, we also have one in DC now, its getting around...

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck!