No!!!!!My baby threw up in my Chanel bag!

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  1. :crybaby: I cannot beleive it, my 15 month old was soo naughty tody and had not slept for 15 hours! He peed all over my new Miss Sixty jeans, cut his head and to top it off he threw up inside my Chanel cambon bag. :cursing: May I add he threw up soo he filled my bag up alot, I have been cleaning it for one hour and cannot get the smell of baby sick out. My bf does not understand why I am so angry, so I thought I'd share with you guys my anger- because you guys appreciate Chanel :crybaby:
  2. eeps! sorry to hear...i hope your little one is alright! sorry to hear about your cambon!! i hope some of the ladies here can offer suggestions on how to clean it.
  3. :s I'm so sorry to hear that..
  4. Send it to Chanel to get cleaned. They do a great job
  5. ^ :yes:
  6. Oh god how awful!
  7. i dont care about your bag or jeans, i hope your baby is ok though!;)
  8. That's a pretty smart kid - I mean, to actually throw up inside the bag and not on the floor or carpet. Did he hold the bag open while he was getting sick? I'm sorry to hear about your bag and that your baby isn't feeling well, poor lil' guy.
  9. Sorry to hear about your bag. I hope that your son is okay..if he's pucking that much maybe he should go see a doctor. You can always get the bag cleaned, but I'm a come first...No matter how much you paid for that bag!
  10. Awww, poor little baby! Throwing up that much sounds serious! Good luck at the doctor's.
  11. OMG!! How awful! I'm so sorry cammy1. I hope you get it cleaned soon. Yes, taking it to the boutique to get professionally cleaned is a good solution. I have heard many good stories about it. It is pricey though.
  12. oh no! i am so sorry to hear that!
  13. Oh my! I hope your precious darling is okay...oh and your son too. lol J/K!!!;)
  14. Oh my gosh - I hope he's okay? Is he still sick? Poor baby!
  15. Do hope your son is okay!