No more wigs for Britney...

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  1. She has now moved onto extensions.


    IMHO...I really think she needs to go back to wigs for a while. No wonder she wears all those hats. Yeesh!:wtf:
  2. That doesn't look great.

    I think she would actually look amazing just with the short hair- it is at a good length to even style it a bit now I bet
  3. yikes.
  4. I second Megs's opinion. Maybe a cute pixie would suit her!
  5. Nasty. She could learn a thing or two from Kylie Minogue. She looked great with her short hair.
  6. oww scary
  7. Pretty soon she will have an awesome mullet going.
  8. :shocked: Are those DIY extensions?
  9. eeewwww.
  10. :yucky: It looks horrible
  11. I want to see the pretty Britney... she really really really need to hire a stylist...
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. yuck!!!! with all that money why doesn't she get a better wig or extensions.

    she should just do like kylie minogue and wear it super short.
  14. Her hair stylist cannot get it right, before the shaved head and after! These extensions are all wrong, I agree she should either rock a pixie which could be super cute or go back to the wigs. I bet they are itchy though...
  15. Why oh why does Britney keep making THE worst fashion choices? It's like, "Pick a look: A)cheap and unflattering, or B) classy and chic." She consistently goes for A!!!!!

    Personally, I think she'd look smashing with an elfin pixie hairdo. She should give it a shot....but of course, that would make WAY too much sense! :rolleyes: