No more Tokidoki @ Macy's

  1. I could be wrong, but yesterday while arriving at site early -- I decided to go to the Macy's across from my hotel. while i was looking at the tokidoki bags, the SA came over to tell me how cute it was. Then she said, this is the last shipment of tokidoki that they will get so I should get it while I can. I asked her if she was sure b/c I heard there are 3 more prints coming....the SA then said not according to the lesportsac rep . The SA said the LS rep. said 7/15 would be the last tokidoki to macy's..and she said 7/15 was when familigia came out....
    :confused1: Any of you heard otherwise?

    speaking of it, anyone looking for a cheap denim gucci pelham bag? there was one for like less than $500 was last years style..
  2. Hmm, there always seems to be varying answers given by LeSportsac on where the remaining prints will be distributed (LeSportsac website/department store/etc).

    I guess it's possible, but I do find it hard to believe Macy's won't get any of the last couple prints in. Perhaps, it is just that particular store that won't be carrying them anymore. None of the Macy's in Ohio carry them and maybe there will be even fewer Macy's stores nationwide that carry the last couple prints.
  3. i talked to one of the SA's and one of the head handbag merchandisers for the east coast (talk about perfect timing!) at our Macy's in metrostation (DC) and she said they have new shipments of tokidoki on the way. they already got in famiglia, so i'm hoping its the tutti
  4. i just know that some Macy's will have the Tokidoki line edited out of their selection because it's not a great seller at that store..
  5. Oh my.
  6. this is what the lesportsac website people told me when i email & asked if they would have the last 3 prints notice it says only
    The Fall Line of tokidoki will only be available on the website. If you will visit the website homepage and register as a LeSportsac customer you will be notified by email when the new line is released. The scheduled time is the middle of August.

    Thank you for shopping LeSportsac.


    Customer Service Department
  7. but which is the fall line :confused1: tutti?
  8. cuuuurse you Lesportsux!!!
  9. I agree, always three sides to this sad take of who will carry tokidoki and when the will receive it....this is very distressing if it turns out to be true.:sad:
  10. This is very disappointing if it's true. :crybaby:I'm gonna pre order my bags from Pulse now just in case. Pulse is already out of Vacanze Zuccas and denaros. I don't wanna miss my chances on getting anything else just in case I can't find anywhere to buy the last prints but the LeSportSac website.
  11. Hopefully not but Tutti is really slow hitting the stores - none at Macy's, Nordies, L/T etc yet .. so this kinda scares me a little.
  12. hm..I heard that from one of the SA in Macys Ventura. But I didnt want to believe it and I didnt want to misinform ppl here, there's one more person here validating this, oh...I guess its true. least Nordstrom will still carry the last few prints. lolz!! worst comes to worse, we will have to order through online store.
    I seriously do not want to miss out on the vancanze and transporto.
  13. Like I said, LeSportsac contradicts itself constantly, so I take anything said by their customer service department with a grain of salt.
    I pre-ordered from Pulse, because I don't have local options in Ohio, but I wouldn't panic too much just yet. If Pulse is getting the prints in, then there have to be other retailers getting it in too.
  14. I totally agree! :tup: We've been hearing that the MM is discontinued for ages and it seems that that rumor isn't even true yet. I just wish someone else would get the tutti around here. :cursing:
  15. I don't know... tokidoki seems to do well in orange county or maybe it's just tokidoki on sale :hrmm: but yeah I can't picture macys not having it... then again there's always Nordstroms. Unless lesportsac decides to be stingy. Also, didn't lesportsac say before that there was one other print like amore... only available in department stores?