No more tokidoki after Tutti and Transporto?

  1. is this true o.o? or are they releasing another print by the end of '07?

    aww that would be sad :crybaby:
  2. Vacanze is the last print for tokidoki for lesportsac.
  3. aww... do you think this is the last we'll c of tokidoki for lesportsac or perhaps they will do another collaboration in the future?
  4. I don't think they'll renew. I love tokidoki for lesportsac but it's too expensive hahahh. I hope he does another collaboration with a different brand, honestly. LOL. Like the European ones...those were pretty nice. I mean of course the lesportsac ones were nicer, but ahh we shall see. LOL. I've already got my transporto & vacanze preordered so that's good...but gotta step back and get an Adios Star before they're gone, a tutti if it goes 50% off...and maybe a Citta...and I'll be done :biggrin: haha.
  5. ^ can u tell me how to preorder a vacanze bag? i want one in Zucca... hMm i know i probably can only carry around that bag 3 months of the year but w.e lol
  6. You can pre-order from Pulse. Here's the PULSE website and the phone number is on the top right corner.
  7. i preordered a vancanze zucca from there!! very nice people... hey wat do ppl think will happen once the last print comes out??? will many of u still visit this forum??? i hope so i prob will.... im just curious... i wonder if it will eventually die down.. that would be sad.. haha im all depressing
  8. i want a vancanze... but do you think all the christmas colors will look weird?
  9. not at all.... at least for me, but i love winter, n i love christmas!!!! all im really worried about with vancanze is if it will look wierd if i still wear it after winter... ppl will prob be like move on its june!! haha
  10. i don't give a crap i'm using vacanze all year around.
    my birthday is dec 30th and the holidays are always extra special for me.
    so having the vacanze will be more than perfect :]
  11. hahahaa i will probably use my vacanze nov-jan here lol...but ya know, maybe I'll use it during the rest of the year as well haha.

    I think if toki collaborates with other companies...i'll probably stay around..especially cuz of the friends I've made here :smile:
  12. yea i was thinking nov-jan too...

    its like the middle of sunny July and you're walking around the beach with a christmas bag lmao. im not concerned about the bag itself looking weird... its more of the "can i pull it off wearing this bag in summer" lol
  13. well..over here in Hawaii it's like always summer so it wouldn't matter hahahahaha...
  14. lol yea its like 100 n sumthing degrees here haha i think ppl would be like wtf!! its to hot to even think of christmas!! haha
  15. haha~ i guess if its cute we shouldnt really give a crap whether is christmas or not... if i buy one id just be like "hush u look at the abdominable snowman!" :heart: