No more teasing! My Mini Cabat... and the little guy that got me into trouble

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  1. hello everyone!!! I'm sorry I made y'all wait... it's just been a little hectic travelling and everything...

    but first, here is the little guy that got me into all this trouble!!!!! i went into BV to get a mini wallet that i could put in my smaller bags... does anyone know what color it is and what model this is? my SA called it a mini wallet. i haven't seen it before and i think it's really cute! hehee... anyway, i wanted to get it in lotus... :drool: but it would have gotten dirty and yucky easily but this red is gorgeous too!
  2. ok for some reason the pictures didn't show... but here it is... :P

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  3. and here is my new love... between my cabat and my sloane, i'm thinking i'm set for life.... :love::love::love: (or so i say... heeheehee)

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  4. Very pretty colors, congrats :smile:

    oh my, your new bag is real nice.
  5. thanks fufu, i love it too! i'm going to have to give up my new Chanel to finance this but i think it's all worth it...

    anyway, i've taken a close up of the color... and before i forget, i dropped by yet another BV before I left and got these cute little bears for myself and my brother... i've got him hooked too! for his 18th birthday next month he wants a BV wallet.... o no! what have i done? :roflmfao:

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  6. WoW.. jeshika~!!! NICE purchases~!!! :tup:cOngrats.. & wear them in good health!
  7. Your new cabat is so gorgeous! I love the color! What is the price of a mini cabat...I want one!!!!
  8. jeshika, you did really well!!

    You look super chic with the mini cabat!! It's such a nice size and I really want it in ottone. Why oh why is it only availalbe at boutiques in Asia?

    The mini wallet looks perfect. Is the smooth leather part a coin compartment? And the bears, how adorable!! You are such a nice (and enabling) sister!!
  9. Jeshika that is absolutely gorgeous. I'm seriously in :love::love::love: with that cabat. All your purchases are really amazing. Many congrats!
  10. Well done, jeshika. Since my last post about the ottone Sloane, you have moved on really quickly and hit the BV jackpot with all these lovely purchases. I'm still debating if I should break my purse ban.......... Congrats!!
  11. I love all the colors! love the cabat :drool: congrats.. you are very lucky...
  12. what is the name of that red? its beautiful
  13. so pretty in red. Love the mini cabat. It's so unique and classy.
  14. Oh my, you just keep on exciting me, jeshika! That Cabat is to die for, it looks almost like liquid gold on you!

    And those bears are too cute! One looks like a semi-precious stone or is it leather that is treated to look like that? Such a sweet sister!
  15. Your mini cabat is really pretty! Congrats!

    I'm sorry that you have to give up a Chanel for it though...:crybaby: