No more standing discount...


Feb 6, 2007
its been a while (since late June) and there hasn't been anything she has wanted.
I also just found out that the manager of the store we used to shop out has left the company. So there goes my discount.

Anyway with Xmas on the way, and me and her being out of the loop (she got an Iphone for an early 2months early xmas gift) I want to suprise her with something for the holliday.

I can post a link of her collection if you want to see her styles.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :tup:
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Mar 19, 2006
The Great Plains
It'd be helpful to post what she has already and maybe a budget. There's some cute things in the lurex (the sparkly signature) that she might like if she needs accessories. Anyway, just narrow it down a little for us so we can make some suggestions!