No more spinach for a while . . .

  1. (Sorry, Popeye!)

    Okay, so it's been advised not to buy bagged spinach because traces of e. coli has been found.

    So what are you doing instead? Are you going to risk it and buy fresh spinach or will you substitute it with something else?

    It doesn't really affect me, but my mom used to make salads with spinach all the time.

    Me, I bought a bag of romaine hearts. (To me, romaine is a bit classier than iceberg and it makes a really crunchy salad. I like crunchy salads.)
  2. i haven't purchased any spinach lately.... i had the boston lettuce instead.. its good..
  3. I love spinach and was very disappointed yesterday AM when I went to the gs and there wasn't any! No bagged, no fresh....nothing! So I made something else for dinner instead of my delish and healthy spinach pizza. When do you think the ban will be lifted?
  4. They won't sell spinach again until they figure out the source of the contamination.
  5. Does this apply to frozen spinach too? :confused1:
  6. No, it doesn't apply to frozen or canned spinach, just the stuff in the bag.

    I am kind of disappointed. I like fresh spinach. I would sometimes open up a bag and just eat the leaves right out of the bag.
  7. I love spinach...but I've only ever bought fresh spinach, never bagged.
  8. No spinach for us either. In fact my hubby (who does all the grocery shopping - yeah, I know - he's great), won't even buy lettuce now. He's a little paranoid. He's been sticking to zucchini and corn.
  9. No spinach or any kind of vegies what so ever, fresh or bagged. I'm kinda paranoid with my family so I will not be buying anything unless it's corn in a can and has a green giant on it! If it was in the spinach, what say's that it's not in everything else, or that the soil is so contaminated that it's going to take over the rest of the crop! I'm even scared to buy fruit!
  10. My DH isn't much on veggies, but spinach salad was one of the few ways I had of getting veggies into him. He also loves Caesar salads and I normally pick up romaine as well. This week I got romaine, raddiccio, shredded carrots, green pepper and fresh broccoli (he will eat broccoli uncooked). I also get tomatoes every week. Last night I sauteed up some chicken breasts cut into strips and set up a mini-salad bar with all the veggies in their own bowls, chopped up. He made up his own salad with some of all the veggies, gobbled it down and said he really liked it.

    Maybe this spinach debacle has a silver lining after all.:nuts: