No more "spiked" shoulder pads on Keepalls?

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  1. I bought a Keepall bandouliere 45 last week, & to my surprise, the shoulder pad is flat. I noticed when it kept slipping off my shoulder, so I immediately texted my SA asking about it.

    She checked the Keepalls on display, & none of them had the rubber spikes. She's thinking it might be a recent change b/c she didnt realize it til I asked about it.

    I'm out $60 to buy a "spiked" shoulder pad b/c I feel it's very necessary, but this change sucks!

    Just wanted to share my frustration 😡
  2. Does anyone have any further news on this?
    Looking at purchasing a keepall this week
  3. I was just talking to another TPF member as we were both interested in buying a Keepall and I mentioned that the Cobalt Keepall in store didn't have the spikes and kept falling off my shoulder (all the other keepalls did though). Then I saw a YouTube video of someone with a cobalt with grips and i texted my SA yesterday saying that LV must have changed the Keepall Cobalts to have spikes (grips) and to make sure to locate the NM Cobalt (assuming her stock in store was old). I was so happy! And now this... Wth? I hope I can get one to order with my cobalt, even as a replacement piece. Hopefully she can comp it as spending $60 more for grips is just crazy! I can't wear it without the grips...

  4. Hi!! I found the thread

  5. Hi- I just spoke with my SA via email. They apparently sell the bag with or without the grips, using the same sku # so if ur SA doesn't order the bag and specifically request it you will get one or the other. (it's not ur SA's fault as apparently no one knows about this. My SA and I only found out as I wanted a Keepall and asked my SA about the grips because the ones in store did not come with one and she thought they all did so she investigated for me). With that said, ur SA should order u a grip pad and exchange it with ur smooth pad as a courtesy because the assumption is they all come with the grips and it's not ur fault so u shouldn't be charged. That would be the right thing to do from LV. Good luck and hope it works that u don't have to pay!
  6. Do the gripped/spiked pads really help when carrying a keepall?
  7. Absolutely

  8. Yup! The Keepall I tried on in store had no pads and it kept falling off my shoulders. That's how I realized the grips were missing.
  9. Just to let you know, I've bought my keepall today and a completely smooth shoulder strap :sad:. The SA said that only the monogram has the shoulder strap with gripping.

  10. Thxs for letting me know. I did have my SA order mine with the grips. (She made a note requesting one with the grip as both bags had same sku #.) I will let u know as soon as the order comes in if it does indeed come with grips. If I can't get the grips I may have to take DE as she had those in store with grips. (I tried one on) The no grip is a deal breaker for me.
  11. I've just contacted client services, so I will let you know