No more Speedy 35 and Porte tresor intl wallet :/


Sep 1, 2008
yes, today, i decided to give my Speedy 35 and porte tresor intl wallet in monogram to my mother.

She have her Speedy 30 that i gave her a while back to one of her grandchild, and now she's louis vuitton less.

Anywho, from what i recall, when i went to my LV store on black friday, i recall a lot of the pieces being out of stock in the U.S. due to surprisingly high volume demand. i was shocked because they were actually out of many speedy 30s:tdown:

Ayways, the only speedy that i have now in my collection are my Monogramoflauge, Watercolor speedy 35s and my multicolore white speedy 30.

my new options are:
*Speedy 40 (i had a thread about this a while back, and STILL considering it)
*Speedy 35
-in monogram
-damier ebene
-damier azur

i do not have any damier pieces in my collection yet, but lately the azur has been calling for me..

let me know ladies!