No more spare tassels..what do you put on your zips?

  1. Ok...Im having a nightmare of a time finding spare tassels for my Origan b-bag. I have called Bal NY and Paris with no luck.

    What can I put on the outside zippers of my bag. Im thinking that three charms might look a bit silly..

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Maybe do a charm on one and then just use the split tassles on the rest? Or you do maybe a small chain pull on a couple and a charm on one?
  3. I agree with Twiggers... Maybe a charm on the outside pocket, and just do short tassel pulls on the main zippers.

    I just replaced the tassels on one of my bags last night, and was running through the same ideas in my head, wondering what to do when the spare set fails me. Maybe someone here will have an even better idea...
  4. I was thinking about that too.....I can't find any tassels for my '05 Grey Twiggy and was thinking of a charm for the front and just leaving the tassels on the top zips and if they start to go, maybe some kind of make-shift zipper pull.
  5. I was just about to ask this! I am thinking I am going to go with a charm on the front and some kind of zipper pull on the other one. I bought a used bag and the tassels are kind of gross even though the rest of the bag isn't!
  6. This might be out there... but why not deliberately choose a different color tassel? In the same color family? *Runs away* ;)
  7. ^^This is a cute idea!
  8. ^^ I was thinking about that ... since I need BG tassels, I am thinking about getting the new BG ones when they come out
  9. I was just going to suggest this south -- is it taboo? I thought it would be fun!
  10. i would use a cute pull charm. just need to find the right one for your bag and it will look great.
  11. I use split tassels on my bbag on purpose because I like how floppy they are, and I also like seeing the raw side of the tassel too - very rocker.
  12. arent bbags supposed to come with spare tassels? mine didnt come with any. and i only got one controllato card.... but yes it is real, i got it from Neimans today.
  13. How about a Rogue Escape Pod?
  14. ^ yes, i love juicy charms! I also use Hello Kitty charms for the front zip.
    For the ones on top I would suggest something not as flashy but still cute and pretty--why not! The juicy charms are very small so the ones on top only u would most like see them!