No More Soreness?

  1. Hi girls,

    I recently (about a week ago) started lifting dumbbells and doing other exercises to tone up. Earlier in the week, I noticed that whenever I did ab exercises, I was sore the following day. Last night, when I did ab exercises, I didn't feel as much strain as I used to, and this morning, no soreness. Did I do something wrong? I was pretty tired last night after I finished with the dumbbells, though. Ahh! Thanks so much!
  2. Your body is probably getting used to the exercise. Maybe try holding onto a weight while doing your sit ups next time?

    It's a good thing!! It means you're getting stronger!! :yes:
  3. there is a principle called SAID, specific adaptation to imposed demands. This could be the case and it could also not be. There is a lot of info missing what exercises did you do how many sets, how many reps, what does did you do this and what days did you not. How long have you been doing these exercises.

    I know this may seem weird but what exercises are you doing for your abs. It it not uncommon for individuals to engage in exercise which hey believe to be working abs but due to the nature of their body position they are working other muscle groups such as hip flexors (this is the current sit up)
  4. It just means your body is getting used to it. but in a good way :smile: it's still working though..happens to me all the time ^^
  5. very true indeed. the ab exercises i do is a deep ab workout. that means that it engages the core muscles.. what you need to do is to also work the whole core of the body- which includes your side abs and your back.

    crunches, leg extensions and side planks are fantastic to do.