No more Sophias? :(

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  1. I have recently come to know the Treesje brand and just bought my first one; a black Dylan hobo, which should be coming on Thursday.

    In searching this forum, I have fallen in LOVE with the Sophia, the black one to be exact, and I haven't found one available anywhere! :sad: Does anyone know where I can find one? Is this bag still available, or is it retired?

    Desperately searching for a black Sophia! :smile:
  2. I haven't seen a black one recently, but there are a few chartreuse ones on Bonanzle & ebay. Endless and Amazon both have the mushroom as well (Amazon currently has better price). The Treesje website has it in crema.

    If you really want the black, you may want to watch ebay & Bonanzle to see if someone lists one.
  3. Yep, I think Treesje has discontinued this design, as they tend to do with most styles after maybe a season or two. The Sophia was last released in Spring '09, so it'll be a little difficult to find a black one right now. As Mule mentioned, your best bet is probably to keep an eye out on Bonanzle or ebay. GL!
  4. Thank you, both, for your responses! I feel like I am going nuts. Everyday that I look more into this brand, there's another bag I fall in love with and "must have". I saw the Chartreuse, Mushroom and Crema colors available, but not too fond of them as I am the black one, so I'll keep looking at ebay and bonanzle.

    NOW... I have discovered the Divino Grande and see it available at some places, and want it in Oceano! LOL!

    Does it ever end??
  5. No, it really doesn't end..... :rolleyes:

    Endless has the Divino Grande in Oceano, but I think there are only a couple left.
  6. No, it doesn't's an obsession for most of us. :P
  7. It never ends for me too. I got my first bag, shortly a second & then a close third & I am still thinking of more...& there are some I still am KIVing LOL!!!
  8. Sometimes I take all of my handbags out of their dustbags and ponder: Why do I keep buying handbags if I haven't even been able to use what I have?

    I still have handbags in my closet that I have never used, and a lot of them I've only carried 1 or 2 times. But who can tell me exactly WHY I keep buying handbags?

    Well, I now know, it's OBSESSION!!!!
  9. We're ALL obsessed! We joined a PURSE forum, for heaven's sake, which is the mother of ALL enablers! :lolots:

    I'll get a new purse and then use it right away. Then, I'll see another purse that I "must" have and get that one too, and then use that one right away. Then, another and another.... it never ends. If I looked at all my bags, I can honestly tell you that I've probably only used them for the time I had them until the next "new" bag came along! :P Sad, isn't it?
  10. ^^I'm the same way...I've decided to do some major purging because I feel bad for all these lovely bags that sit around unused! Treesje is especially addictive because they come out with new styles every season and there are always several that I like.
  11. I've thought about it, but when I go and look at the bags, I just can't part with any of them. :sad:

    As mentioned before, I *just* discovered the Treesje handbags and I'm already addicted! My tax refund better hurry up! I want an Oceano Divino Grande now! :nuts:
  12. When I stay away from TPF I do much better at not buying bags! But that never lasts for long.... I never resell my bags, so I truly don't "need" anything, but I always manage to convince myself that I do! :P I try to rotate through my bags, but I'm always rediscovering one that got forgotten for a while.....

    I figure if this is the only irrational thing I do in life, then I'm still in pretty good shape!
  13. I'm the same way, I don't resell my bags either, but I do give them away sometimes, however I find it so hard to part with my bags, I like all of them even though I don't get to use every one of them most of the time.
  14. I'm so glad that I'm not alone in this addiction. :P

    I am also much better when I don't visit tPF. The last four months of the year last year, I did SO good. I didn't visit tPF as much because my time was occupied with work, but when I came back in January, I went nuts over some Cambridge Hobo Coach bag that I had wanted and found out that they were at the OUTLET in December! Then, I started staying on top of what was going to the outlet and bought three bags in two weeks. Then, I started venturing out of my "usual" forums and checked out Treesje, then RM, and now, I am back to being addicted.

    My bags are mine... I'll never sell them, because I truly do love them all. I guess I need to start rotating them!
  15. You know what helps? From time to time, on those quiet nights, when my hubby and kid are sleeping, I would take my handbags out from their dustbags, try them on, and remind myself that I have way more handbags than I need.

    I find this helps, I still visit tpf regularly, but then when I feel like buying a new bag, I would search into my memory and tell myself that I already own something similar in shape, in color or in style.