no more sleeping, showering, eating.....

  1. i was watching the magenta first on eBay.... I hop in the shower to think about the BIN... I come back.... IT ENDED?! Somebody beat me to it!:wtf: :crybaby:

    oh well guess it wasn't meant to be....

    I hope at leat a pf'er got it. Did someone get it??? cuz just earlier i posted it in the auth. thread.... drats! should've just BIN'ed.......
  2. Awww...Sorry you missed ya bag. :sad:

    Don't be too sad. I'm sure there's another Magenta First out there with your name on it, just waiting for you :yes:
  3. Yeah, another one will pop up I'm sure...

    And you are right... it just wasnt meant to be (I'm a big believer in that theory!)
  4. sorry you missed your bag!

    times like these i like the phrase, if it's meant to be it's meant to be.
  5. aawww. that goes the same to me on a cute coin purse on eBay :crybaby:
    that's why now i don't hesitate if i really want something when i have the cash of course :p
  6. So sorry to hear that! Hopefully another will pop up soon:smile:
  7. Maybe it wasn't meant for you. Im sure another one will pop up soon :smile:
  8. Awww sorry to hear this, another will come along soon I bet :smile:
  9. I hear you on that one... something wierd happened to an auction I was bidding on during the middle of the night while I was asleep... (This actually happened last night...)

    I'm thinking of posting a thread to see what happened, because I really don't understand. I'm not upset or anything, because I would like to think also, that if it is meant to be - it will happen.... But, this was just, wierd??

    There were 4 bidders on an item and the seller canceled all of their bids (we all had higher feedback and Paypal approved, etc)... then 3 different people came in and one of them won the auction?? I don't get it... the seller put the reason canceled as "item no longer available"... but then someone ended up winning it... I dunno, wierd?? I have never had that happen.
  10. Bags4Bubbles - I saw that, also thought it was strange. Think it does deserve it's own thread.

    tnc727 - Same thing happened to me! But it was a good thing, because right after the greige twiggy sold on eBay, I found my dream greige City, which is what I really wanted! Another one will come along!
  11. That is really weird i would ask for an explanation from the seller
  12. Oh tnc - I was just in the authenticate this thread, and I think they were talking about this bag! (Apparently there was someone else that came back to look at it and found it gone to their surprise!! :push: ) Keep looking - you'll find your great deal!!
  13. So sorry to hear, it's happened to me one time too many too. So now when i see something I really want, I just do the BIN...even the bidding is a win-lose deal, someone can come in at the last minute to steal your dream bag away from you. Sigh, the ways of the world :sad:
  14. aahhh i missed a teal work bag the same way, someone BIN before i could! LOL. but i'm on a ban, so i guess it wasn't meant to be either.
  15. I'm so sorry you've missed the bag :sad:
    Especially if someone win it after reading your post :cursing: !

    But I'm sure you'll find a perfect one soon !!!

    I've bought one from a US Pfer last week...and it should arrive this week :yahoo: !
    So you'll see : everything is possible:yes: !