No more sales on LVR???!!!!!!!

  1. I went on LVR website to buy my first Paddington(..the baby)at least..
    ..I was very excited and happy to realize my dream...When I saw that 30% sales was disappeared!!!!!!!:crybaby:
    What happened?????:confused1:...I'm very sad:sad:
  2. oh yes, I was watching that baby in my faves (hoping it would go down more lol ;)) and you are right, the discount has disappeared.

    Hope you find one at an even better price soon.
  3. Oh no! That SUCKS...sorry to hear the discount disappeared on you!!! I'm sure you'll find a great deal on one soon...fingers crossed!!!

    I was hoping for 50% off a baby paddy too...ah well...
  4. they're back! :yahoo:

    yesterday they weren't discounted, how odd.
  5. I heard some rumors that Aloha Rag will be having a sale towards the end of Jan. also...
  6. I'm new to this. What is LVR?? Thanks!