No more rosalie RB

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  1. Well it's official. Been on the waiting list for the rosalie RB since early april. Finally got the email saying no more... that's it. I've been calling them every week and they kept saying they're slowly fulfilling the list so I kept my hopes up. So sad :sad:
  2. Hate when that happens!
  3. This doesn't make any sense. Why would they not make more? I am glad that I got mine when I could.
  4. Its true. =( Just tried to place an order with my SA and asked her if it was discontinued. She said no, it doesn't say anything in the system (false hope!!). But then after that, she said oh i just tried to place the order and it wouldn't let me so I guess it is discontinued. Boo!! =(
  5. Don't give up, you never know if one will be returned or if someone on the list before you changes their mind and cancels.
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  6. Can you call some other boutiques? That's how I found my RB Empreinte key pouch and an Illustre agenda I was on the hunt for!
  7. I've been on list since April too but haven't gotten the email. My store told me it was out and no more would be available last month though
  8. Yep. They had replenished the Fuchsia, but no more RB. :sad:
  9. It's worse in my location, my SA said our country does not have an allocation for Rosalie. So we can't even order it at all.
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  10. To anyone that was still interested I just ordered the Rosalie in RB from US LV website. Have been checking for months and said 'Call to Purchase' but just yesterday was able to 'Place in Cart'!
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  11. Yay. Just ordered one in RB to give as a gift on U.S. website. :smile:

    Thanks St510! :heart:
  12. Just got mine delivered. I love it
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  13. I was able to order in RB...I don't think I've seen this piece so I hope it works for me....
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  14. You're so lucky, I gave up on this piece, but just checked since I saw you had some luck. alas... i was too late:sad:
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  15. They are available in stores now, I just bought one on Saturday.
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