No more registration cards?

  1. I received a handbag from JAX yesterday and it didn't have any registration cards, care cards, etc. So I emailed customer service and this was their reply:

    "However, we no longer include registration cards inside
    the handbags because registration is used for marketing
    purposes, to help us identify what items we are selling
    within your area. It also allows you the opportunity to
    be put on the mailing list."

    Did you guys know this?
  2. All I know is that JAX sucks! EVERY item they've sent to me has been damaged...repeatedly!!
  3. Newbie when it comes to ordering online...what is JAX?
  4. Yeh, they didn't send me a dustbag either. So, I asked for both. They're mailing me the dustbag but, that was the reply I got about the cards on the inside.
  5. JAX= Jacksonsville which is where the Coach warehouse is
  6. How do you know if you receive one from there? I order from
  7. That's where they come from. Look on the box return addy and it will say Jacksonville, FL.
  8. Thanks Ashley! :p
  9. i remember all that damaged stuff you kept getting! unreal!

    they always send me stuff in damaged boxes...and one order got lost.
  10. kallison and aarti! I never sent you jacked up stuff at least!

    but yes! I actually did know that, I think it helped determine store levels in certain areas (ie. which stores should be flagship/fashion/core/pinnicle etc) and what the market was like from customers ordering online/over the phone besides what was just being purchased in stores.
  11. the stuff from sprinkles was always the best and impeccable. :smile:
  12. ok is jax an online website how did you order from them?
    is this like when you go to a coach store to find an item and they ask for your credit card and send it to you in the mail ?
  13. they send from jax when you order online or if they order it for you in store. if the order isn't fulfilled by another store, it's send from jax. (basically when you order from, it's send from jackson, where their warehouse is).
  14. You can register on-line click on "company information" then "on-line services" then "product registration"

    You can register outlet purchases there also.