No more punch?

  1. I was in Coach today and they said that the signature stripe bag in punch sold out. I was quite sad.
  2. You can still get them online , I just looked

    okay I looked again they have the small demi in punch , check out Macys for the mid size tote I saw a ton of them when I was in Seattle a couple of weeks ago
  3. I asked about punch stuff too, and basically everything I wanted was sold out as well. The SA said alot of punch sold out around V-day.
  4. Aaah, that makes sense. Pink and red always go quickly around V-day.

    I might check Macy's, but then I won't get a discount. Maybe if I get really desperate I'll go there!
  5. Sadly true. I stupidly went around to every LV that I could for a Pomme D'Amour Coeur coin purse but everything was sold out.

    I liked the Punch color but then it really doesn't match anything I own. :push:
  6. i was told the punch wristlet was sold out and they are not planning on making any more of these.
    SO.......if you see it somewhere and want it...i would definately purchase it!!!!!
    i recently purchased through macy's the wristlet and the glad i did....
    actually the only punch items at my local boutique left were a demi and the make up bags...
  7. I saw a PUNCH Reversible Tote at the regular Coach store in Santa Barbara, CA and they charge send!! It was the one at Le Cumbre Plaza.
  8. Sorry, that you missed it. I hope you can pick it up somewhere else. I'm still hoping to get the punch mini skinny to match my punch demi. I guess I better act quickly.
  9. I still think about the signature stripe tote in gold I returned. It just wasn't the right bag for me when I attempted to use it and it was a pricey piece so I returned it. I half-regret it. I'd love to have it once more in gold and punch.
  10. The Coach outlet in Atlantic City had tons of punch stuff yesterday with an additional 20% off.
  11. Also I just returned a Punch Wristlet to the Valley Fair Store (Santa Clara, CA) it was still there as of yesterday.
  12. i wanted one but there are none left in my area..
  13. ATTENTION! :idea:

    I was at the Bloomingdale's at the Willowbrook Mall in NJ this afternoon (ie. 2pm). They had ONE Signature Stripe Reversible Tote in Punch left. It was not on sale, regular price. If you are looking for one of these, the number for the store is 973-582-2400. (Hours are 10am-9:30pm M-F EST)

  14. It's still on the site..get it while it's hot I guess!