No more price adjustments!

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  1. I just called Coach and they said they are no longer doing price adjustments.
    I ordered from last Thurs FOS and the price on todays sale is less. When i called they said they changed their policy last week and are no longer giving price adjustments. What the heck! UPS hasn't even delivered yet.
    Was anyone else told this?
  2. There was someone else who was told this from the FOS a week or two ago. Not sure what happened, I think they bought again and returned the original.
  3. It clearly says on their counters all over the outlets that you have 14d for a PA. If they say no, I would refer them to their written policy by every register!

    Sounds like another lawsuit waiting to happen. Their pricing policies are crazy (and illegal). Like the "Was $398, now $125" MFF bags that NEVER sold for the MSRP they list. False advertising is a biggie no no for retailers.
  4. Coach is so dumb. Buy again and return the original, then you will get a letter about too many returns! They seem to want to drive customers away.
  5. You are correct, this is wrong at so many levels.
  6. So return that item and buy off this weeks online sale .... ? :roflmfao:
  7. This actually made me leave the brand for quite awhile.

    I still don't understand why they don't have a "C by Coach" Line or something like that only for the outlets. Ugh.
  8. "When i called they said they changed their policy last week"
    Have you been in the store in the last week to see if that policy is still there ?
  9. Doesn't surprise me since they almost certainly have corporate employees that read this forum.
  10. But doesn't the posted policy say "not valid on previous purchases." They're just enforcing this part of the policy now.
  11. How could you have a PA if it wasn't a "prior" purchase?
  12. Sorry, guess I actually meant the coupons at the door that say they're not valid on prior purchases.
  13. Try calling the customer service number, not the online sales number. Someone else was denied a PA also, but when they called customer service they gave them the PA.
  14. I was at my outlet Friday and they did PAs for me on 2 FOS bags that were so much more on line than at the outlet price. No hassles. I saw the little sign by each register too because I was preparing for an argument. But none happened. They could not have been nicer!
  15. Kath, a couple of questions if you don't mind.
    Were the bags you brought in for the PA recent deletes and in stock at the outlet?
    Were you within the 14 day period?

    I ask because the outlets near me are refusing PAs from the FOS and I'm wondering how other CA stores are handling it.