No More Prada Made In Italy Plaque Inside Some Models

  1. Hi there,

    I just wanted to let you guys know some interesting information that I found out from a retailer friend in Italy that buys his handbags direct from Prada.

    Handbags that have the Prada logo embossed on the leather inside no longer come with the Prada Made in Italy plaque.

    Some examples are the new version of BR3373 and BR3408.

    I have attached a few pics of BR3408 to show as an example.

    This is great to know for all of us Prada handbag lovers, in case we come across a new style that we like, and we panic, thinking it's a replica, because the inside plaque is missing.

    pradabr3408inside.jpg pradabr3408inside2.jpg
  2. Does this have anything to do with moving the factories? I remember reading a while back that many designer bags are now made in Turkey..

    Or am I just babbling and wasting your time? Well.. ooops:shame:
  3. No, according to my friend, it's a cost-saving measure, as embossing is much cheaper than a plate. I guess even the designer brands are trying to increase their bottom dollar.:nuts:

    As for the factories, Prada is still in Italy. I believe that Mulberry has utilized Turkey, but Prada, Fendi and Gucci, at least, are still in the homeland.

    And your question is not a waste of time at all, it was a good one, thank you!:yes:
  4. I never knew that, thanks for sharing!
  5. I read somewhere that Prada is having some of the styles (don't know which) made in CHINA!! Talk about confusing! With so many of the fakes coming out of factories in China, having real Pradas coming from there makes my head spin! :weird:
  6. i know at the very least, some Prada Sport lining is made in China.
  7. i noticed this last year.
    i'm glad that not all of the bags are like this!! the nylon bags still have the plaque :biggrin:
  8. yeah...i have seen so much "made in china" linea rossa ... :sick:
  9. i've also seen "made in romania" prada sport too
  10. Thanks for the info.