No more Pomme agenda HELP

  1. There is no more pomme agenda in the uk anymore.

    Now my only hope is my cousin who is going back to hk and she will find one for me.

    Does anyone know how much the agenda in HK Dollar? Do you think they still have some?

    also please can someone give me the model number so i can give it to her.

    Also if anyone know anywhere in the uk have pomme agenda please let me know. I'm desperate.

    many thanks
  2. LV UK website has the mini, i was just looking at it, no medium though.
  3. i want the small ring one, the one with 6 rings spread evenly and cost £150.

    i'm so gutted cos finally i've decided which one to get and have plucked the coverage to get my first piece of vernis and there is none left.

    i was so looking forward in dressing the agenda with cute inserts. i even bought loads of inserts already and a very cute hello kitty glitter pen.

    the man on LV (called them today to confirm there is none left) told me there is one left - hazelnut color. i was like one vernis left in the whole of uk, ridiculous.

    why didnt they made it in amarante. i may even get that one too.

    i asked abt koala and there is none left too. i'm out of luck and choice.

    if my cousin cant get it in HK i think i'll either wait or start searching other brands
  4. the call centre arent always helpful. sometimes they dont even check properly. what is your local store?
  5. i usually go to bond street and the number i called today was the bond street one.

    i tried calling harrods but the lady on the call centre said they are not takign any calls until tomorrow, whatever i was thinking.

    tried selfridge, they passed me from one department to another then finally hang up on me.

    i'm so angry.
  6. well i know leeds dont have any and i dont think manchester had any a few weeks ago when my friend wanted one. luva pug shops at birmingham so you could PM her and ask if shes seen one. not sure if anyone here shops at the eddi store.
  7. thanks cherry pie.

    if i cant get one in the UK and HK then i'll wait for the next color to come along (another 6 mths i presume)

    anway if anyone know the model number please let me know.

    thanks alots
  8. Yup, I was in NY last month and was told it's all sold out. I was lucky to find a like new one on eBay from a fellow tpf member. Wish you luck.
  9. Do they stop producing it so soon? Does this apply to only pomme agenda or everything else in pomme as well?
  10. not sure but i think they have a certain number of items made in pomme and when that item or style is sold out then thats it.

    the color is far more popular than expected. they should continue having this color i think. its just too pretty.

    style number please if known. thanks
  11. Wow, didn't even know it is this limited. I've always known that vernis colors are seasonal but they normally last for quite some time before new colors come in.

    Sorry, I don't know the style number, do they actually even have one? I'm sure they know which one it is if you just ask for monogram vernis agenda PM in pomme d'amour. :yes:
  12. I'm on wait list for Pomme agenda for few months...haven't got any news from SA. Hope you find one soon...
  13. ^^^ OMG, it sounds like i'm out of luck too.

    i hope my cousin can find one in HK, lets hope HK doesnt have lots of ppl buying the agenda.

    I remember seeing threads where ppl said there are loads of pomme around in hk cos of chinese new year.

    i so wish i bought it rather than waiting for the amarante out before making the decision
  14. good luck with the hunt. i hope you find one!
  15. Not meaning to rain on your parade but erm, isn't chinese new year quite long ago? I mean, wasn't it in Feb or something? I think during then there were lots of pomme everywhere coz the color was newly released for Valentine's. Correct me if I'm wrong though. :sweatdrop:

    Anyway, I do hope you get one. There are a few LV boutiques in HK, or you can always ask your cousin to try looking in those consignment stores which are all over in HK. Good luck and keep us posted!