No More Pink

  1. Chanel 57th St. told me today that none of their stores will be carrying pink handbags anymore.
  2. Saks in NYC did have several pink pieces left when I was there a couple of weeks ago but Joseph had to pull them out from storage.
  3. Is this for ALL of Chanel? I can't imagine that would be true.
  4. Brendan told me in all the Chanel boutiques, not department stores.
  5. That's interesting. Not sure of the logic though- I love pink!
  6. Are you serious? That would mean that I have to break my ban AGAIN:push:
  7. I wonder why??
  8. I haven't heard about this (yet), but I wouldn't be shocked to find out this to be true. It seems that Chanel is initiating some directional changes lately (I guess in response to changing trends, changing times, changing preferences, etc...). For example, the last time I spoke with Brendan, he mentioned something about Chanel gradually phasing out gold hardware on a lot of pieces....favoring silver as it's more modern (nowadays) and sells better. He told me when the Red Jumbo's first started arriving, there were (older) ladies calling him up and yelling (yes, yelling) at him and calling him names just b/c he said Chanel no longer makes the Red with Gold HW....I felt so bad for him as he's a really nice & accomodating SA. But anyway, that's the story with Chanel making some directional changes these days. The phasing out of the pink could be part of that.
  9. That's a great news for me. I love silver HW :nuts:
  10. Wow, uhh I don't quite understand the rationale behind this. Does Chanel believe pink doesn't sell very well? I mean certainly compared to neutral colors, I'm sure it doesn't, but this is shocking! Good thing I shop primarily at the dept. stores then!!
  11. THats veyr strange O_O wahts wrong with pink?? I'm assumig nblush is pink O_O how do they define pink lol! how bout pink undertones? pink trimmmings?
  12. That just sucks.
  13. Btu they'll still carry those lines in department stores so technically its just changing the LOOK of the boutiques and not the actual product availability? (apart from moving all stock to department stores)
  14. Very strange! You would think that the actual boutique would want to have the most selection, as opposed to the dept stores. But I guess this isn't the case. The SF boutique didn't even order the Cotton Club line, so you have to go right across the street to Neimans.
  15. thats disappointing to me because my fav. color is pink! i'm sure it doesnt sell as well as the neutral colors but nonetheless, i think a lot of customers like pink.