No More Peeking.... JustWantToPeek's Collection Thread !!

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  1. What a great collection. I love that you have all these beautiful shoes, as well as bags, and your guy even has CLs!!!
  2. wow what a fab closet and the shoes are amazing! thanks for sharing :smile:
  3. Amazing collection!!! :yes::drool::drool::smile:
  4. That's so cool that you bought the Lassoditas. What do you wear them with?
  5. this is what i wore out with my lassoditas


  6. Wow!!! Thanks for the mod pics, had never seen mod pics of these!!!
    You really made me want to buy them...look really stunning on you!!!
  7. What a lovely collection! I am loving all the different colors and styles. My favorites are the Josefa´s and the glitter, plus I adore the shoes on the clutches. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  8. WOW, you're closet looks like the stock in a departement store!! ;)

    Love your collection!
  9. This is so sweet! The lassodita is a true collector's piece. Your collection is very colorful and fun-twins with Feticha!:heart:
  10. Fabulous collection!! But ummm can I come raid your closet tho?! LOL
  11. Wow, you look beautiful! Just like a princess!
  12. Lovely collection:smile:
  13. I can't believe you've been hiding all these beauties from us for so long!!!

    The Lassodita looks so much better on than expected. And love your outfit. :smile:

    Stunning collection, can't wait to see what else will pop up... :graucho:
  14. Thank You All For The Lovely Comments/Compliments !!

  15. Love it so chiq:graucho: stunning shoe collection !