No More Peeking.... JustWantToPeek's Collection Thread !!

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  1. Ohhh My what an amazing collection! :drool:I love them all!!!!!!!! I need to see modeling pics :okay:
  2. Great collection! I really like the camel Decolzeps and the yellow vps.
  3. :tup: Thanks for sharing! SO many beautiful shoes! I love the mint VP's and glitter! I agree we definitely need some modeling pics;)
  4. Totally fab collection.
  5. You've got a wonderful collection! I don't think I've seen anyone with that many CL clutches and bags. I like how you can have two maryjane flats (I want both of those) to 120s without a platform (Carnavals) and 140s and everything in between. I also like your fella's CL collection.
  6. Holy Moly!! That's an awesome collection. ;)
  7. What a beautiful collection. I love all of the color! My favorites are the mint VPs but it was so hard to choose~thank you so much for sharing. I also adore the closet shot!
  8. Lovely diverse collection! thanks for sharing
  9. AMAZING collection! WOW!!!!
  10. WOW!!!! Where have YOU been hiding?! lol

    LOVE your collection!! So many beautiful pairs! I love love love those mint VPs....gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  11. gorgeous collection! would love to see modeling pics!
  12. Thanks so much to everyone who took a PEEK into my collection .... Keep Checking Back

  13. what a fabulous collection - just stunning - each and every one of them!!!
  14. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the Carnavals :love:
  15. Silver booties?!!!! Your collection is amazing on so many levels. I'm not sure I can choose just one favorite though. :ps: