No more Paypal?

  1. I don't sell very often on eBay but when I do it is a bag from my own collection. I bought them all personally so I know they are authentic. I am thinking about NOT accepting Paypal anymore. If I only accept money order or certified checks I won't have to worry about Paypal charge backs, fees and a lot of other BS. Except for fewer buyers is there a down side to this? I know some people will not buy if the seller doesn't take Paypal but it is just not worth it any more. They can come up with any lie and get their money back and still keep my bag. If a buyer is legitimate they shouldn't have a problem paying with a money order. Any thoughts?
  2. I think you will get a much lower price if you do not accept Paypal, especially if it a high value item. Not many buyers will be comfortable using money order.
  3. The problem with not accepting Paypal is that buyers often want to use their creidt cards to pay for purchases, they may not have the ready cash. I hate Paypal also, unfortunately 9 out of 10 buyers want to use it.
  4. I agree. I know I will get a lot less people that want to use a money order but if I explain why I am doing it do you think the experienced buyers will understand? I can't take a chance of selling a $1000 purse only to have some scammer lie and say it's fake and get to keep my authentic bag and get his money back. I think eBay is going to see a huge drop in sellers VERY soon. The fraud is just too much for most people, me included.
  5. I can only speak from my own experience, and I would never buy a big ticket item with a money order. I've been burned once using that method and almost 2 years later I still don't have my money back. Of course, I'm not implying that you're a scammer, I'm just saying that you will significantly reduce your pool of buyers if you don't take paypal.
  6. Like the other ladies have said, I would never send someone a check or postal order for the kind of money. You have to think from the buyers point of view that they need to protect themselves just as much as you do. Plus alot want to put purchases on their cc
  7. I guess I am done selling on eBay then because I will never open myself up to a Paypal scam again. I have over 900 FB for the last 8 years all positive. Plenty of them from sales of high end items. I understand it from a buyers point of view as I am usually a buyer. It is sad that eBay has come to this.
  8. Just for these reasons, I wish it was easier to sell/trade here on TPF.
  9. As a small-time seller on ebay, I can understand the concerns with Paypal.

    My entire account got "limited" and held hostage for a week because one recent buyer complained that she didn't like her shoes. She didn't want to send them back to me either, just a full refund. I had to go through the entire process of verifying my account, faxing them my utility bills, original receipts of recent items sold, and pleasing the buyer so she would return the shoes back to me before I refunded her.

    Paypal is the #1 choice for most buyers on Ebay, and it's just a situation sellers have to deal with until another company offers the same services. After a couple of past instances where buyers have claimed "item not received" .... yes, I lost my LV Cerises pochette this way, AND was out the full money due to the subsequent refund.... I'm close to giving up on Paypal.

    But as a buyer, I only use Paypal unless I have dealt with the seller in the past or know them personally. I once paid $700 on a money order for a pair of LV shoes that never arrived....

    Yeah, lol, I've had my fair share of being scammed by online people
  10. I agree with alot of what has already been posted. As a seller I would be concerned that my auctions might not get a second look because I decided not to accept paypal. As a buyer I don't want to have to go thru the hassel of having to go purchase a money order and then wait for it to arrive. Yes, paypal does have it's dissadvantages but in the end I think it's still worth it.
  11. just yesterday i read that paypal is going to hold a sellers money for 21 days on what they call risk sales.the money will not be released until buyer has given positive feedback.have any of you guys heard about this?

  12. Oh that's terrible! That's very bad for any sellers. :tdown:
  13. Here is the article about Paypal's new rules. IF you can decipher all this...

    Personally I really don't think anyone would send a m.o./cashier's check for a high priced bag. So sellers -even us small time ones who sell bags from our own collections - are forced to take paypal. They really have us by the short hairs (ebay and paypal, who are raking in millions.) But it is true that the scammers are getting better and better at what they do and there needs to be protection against them!!!!:boxing:
  14. I agree..I didn't have any problems but I'd be wary of sending a non-traceable money order to least paypal has somewhat of a paper trail, no matter how annoying they are.
    And as far as I knew, you HAD to offer CC's through paypal as an option. It used to be that you could just offer bank account-funded payments, but now I think if you offer paypal, accepting CC's through it is mandatory.
  15. The only way I'll purchase on Ebay is via Paypal and through that using my Amex becuase I want some kind of protection, it would be too risky to send out a MO, I just wouldn't take the chance.