No more Paddingtons in Tan or Whisky??!?! Seriously?!

  1. Merry Christmas and hello to you all

    As you can all undestand, i'm totally OBSESSED (and that's an understatement!) with Chloe Paddingtons. I was hoping to purchase one in November (after weeks of saving) but it seems it wasn't meant to be :sad:.

    In November I visited Harvey Nicks to enquire about a Chloe (medium) Paddington in Tan. They had plenty, but I needed to save for a few more weeks. I went back last week to purchase one, only to be told that they no longer make the paddington in Tan or Whiskey! :wtf::yucky: Is this right?! Does anyone know where i could purchase one from? I've looked on NAP at the Nutmeg, but they've sold out...IAnd I've seen the Caramel one today in Selfridges, but i'm not too keen on the colour. I had my heart set on the Tan Paddington:crybaby:I would also be interested in a secondhand one (in good condition though)! If anyone can shed any light on the matter, I would appreciate it MASSIVELY!!!!!!!x x Thank you to anyone who replies and Merry Christmas! x
  2. Hello,

    Just wanted to see if any tPF members could shed any light on this?

    BAsically, I have been told (by a Chloe store assistant) that Chloe no longer make the Paddington in the Tan or Whisky colours:wtf: Is this information correct?!?!

    If any of you know where I could purchase one from, I'd be ETERNALLY grateful!!!! I nearly bought one last month....I'm now kicking myself!!!!! :cursing:
  3. WTH??? Seriously? those are huge colors to cut out too, but maybe they'll replace with colors that are close. i think I just saw some in the Bag Borrow Steal Outlet section on sale, so check there. Good luck! i think maybe Diabro has some too... but BBS is a US company and has 30 day return, so maybe better to buy from?? Not sure as I haven't bought from either, but good luck!!
  4. Sorry, just noticed you're from UK, maybe Diabro is a good bet for you? I will look around and see what I can find for you in Tan or Whisky. If I see one, I'll post back. What do you want to pay? A range would be helpful...
  5. Oh I found one! but it's the small Paddy... On Bag borrow steal for $995...not sure if that's a good site for you or not, or if you even want mini or only the medium.
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    <P><FONT face="Century Gothic">Thank you so much for replying to my post. I know! I can't believe they're (supposedly) cutting them out. It may not be true ( the store assistant wasn't exactly <EM>that </EM>helpful.........). If you could keep your eyes out for one I would massively appreciate it. I'm willing to pay whatever! I want one sooooooooooo bad :smile: I'm&nbsp;NOT gonna resort to buying one of the many that are listed&nbsp;on eBay...........! No way! I will take a look at the places you suggested and thanks again for your help! Enjoy the rest of your Christmas! x x x <IMG alt=0 src="" border=0 smilieid="58"></FONT></P>
  7. Hi, sorry, forgot to say....I want the medium..........thanks again for your efforts in looking :smile: x
  8. I'd suggest posting this on the Master List of What Each of Us... thread... Ann Fabulous Finds MIGHT be helpful as well, but it may take you ages to get one... I think Diabro sell paddies in tan... some tPFers sell theirs on eBay from time to time, so it's worth it to keep this possibility in mind... Good luck!
  9. I was at the Chloe boutique on Madison Ave. in NY today and they had about 5 medium paddy satchels at regular price and I believe there was a tan and a whiskey. I don't the know the exact color names but you should call that location and confirm. Good Luck.
  10. Hi all,

    Tinntinn, Thank you so much for taking the time to look. Unfortunately, it's the paddington without the front pocket that i'm after...... (but thank you so much!)

    Starbuxxx! Thank you also for your help! I will have to call tomorrow as I'm off to bed...(it's nearly midnight here in the U.K).........

    MAriabdc.....where would i find the 'Master List of What Each of Us.....' thread ? (I'm new's all quite overwhelming....AND addictive!)

    Thanks again ladies x x:tup:
  11. No problem...go up to the top where it says Search tPF and click, then fill in the box that pops up with "Master Thread" and it should pull it up for you to post into....

    Diabro has chocolate, not whiskey...bummer!!!'s unbelievable...I've seen these everywhere until now that you want one! We will find one though, to be sure. Someone will come up with one for you...these ladies are geniuses at bag hunting!! hang in there...

    Check Diabro from time to time...they pop up here and there and then are gone fast!
  12. also, you can find that master list thread by going under "chloe Shopping' heading if you knwo how to do that....

    Do you live near a NM Last Call? They might have a Paddy lying around?
  13. NM? Forgive me, is that Neiman Marcus? I'm from the U.K, so (unfortunately!) we don't have those stores here.....:sad: Thanks for your reply by the way, you're all so helpful :smile:
  14. Crap I keep forgetting.... I'm so excited trying to hunt for you, I keep getting lost. sorry!!! yes, NM is Neiman Markups as I call it. sorry, I'll try to stay more focused here. I know what it feels like to be stalking a bag though, and the wait is agonizing...