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  1. Hii... just curious, cuz I tried to get my cousin to register here and it says,
    So what's goin on? Are you guys just doing some cleaning up ATM? or what? J/W. thanks!:oh:
  2. We're not permitting new registrants at the moment due to the influx of TROLLS over the past 24 hours.
    After we feel confident that our Forum is back to it's original self, or close to, we'll allow new members again.
    You may PM Vlad or Megs if you like, maybe they can allow someone if recommended by an established member.
    Maybe not, but you can ask. ;)
  3. Wow, I feared it might come to that :sad:
  4. Gotta protect our space though, ya know!?:sad:
  5. Thanks for looking out for us!!! You guys are the best!!!
  6. Yeah, seriously, you guys had to hustle this morning. Thanks, girls, *SMOOCHES* for you.
  7. I thought it might come to that too :/ But I've noticed there's just been such an insane rush of new members it's hard to distinguish who the spammers are. You guys are doing your best, we really appreciate it!
  8. I know and to be honest I feel like someone is soon going to tell me "if you don't like it leave" I don't know what to think, PF is fun to me, but I see that lately it's been as contentious as any courtroom I've been in which is unfortunate, and I'm definitely not blaming anyone for that, I'm just saying its unfortunate.
  9. oki dokes. thanks for letting me/us know. i'll hold out and have my cousin join later.
  10. I just hope that eventually someone will tell us what happened.
  11. It must have been really bad. I had no idea!
  12. Big thanks to all the mods and admins for working so hard today!
  13. Thanks for putting so much effort into this baby Vlad, Megs, and Mods...After what happened to Fayden we can't be careful enough!
  14. thanks for keeping us safe!
  15. There was quite a ruckus last night and this morning, and that's why registration is suspended. I don't think anyone wants to see this place become a warzone. Hopefully things will die down after this recent week o' drama, and things will be back to normal :nuts:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.