NO MORE!!! NEVER again...ever

  1. Im over it, no more LV for me with any sort of Vachetta. My most recent bag is the Tivoli...I have had it about 2 months. For the life of me I can not keep the damn handles clean. Im just over it. Thank god for my Fersen. I would buy 20 of them!! Anyone else feel fet up with the up keep of vachetta???
  2. I sure understand how you feel. I've been getting more Damier for that reason. Unfortunately, I still love how the vachetta looks, but more on bags like my BH and petite noe that aren't hand-carried. It's so hard to keep the patina even on bags like speedies.

    I'm with you totally on this driving me nuts too. I absolutely adore the Tivoli though!
  3. Yes, I love it on my BH because I carried it for months and it looks great. The Speedy just made me sick. I'm loving the diversity of my purchases. No vachette in the near future.
  4. I agree that the vachetta is high maintenance. But have you thought of buying something in the damier or epi leather line? Much easier to take care of!
  5. it is tricky but i cant help but love it i just stay away from hand creams on my palms and never iold it in my hand only on my arm or shaulder
  6. Me too! I'm now sticking to Damier and Epi. Where I live the weather is very unpredictable so I hate whenever I take my Monogram bags out and then it starts to rain. At least with Damier I don't need to worry about it anymore.
  7. I never had problems with the handles - but I would never buy no more one bag with a vacchetta bottom! I have sold my Alma Mono, my Noé Mono, petit Noé Mono, and the Lockit because the bottom was sooo hard to keep clean. No more bags with vacchetta bottom for me ..
  8. I live in Key West...warm weather year round, so Im not a big fan of Damier. I do love a fresh, clean, new LV with gorgeous vachetta, however, Im just not going to do it anymore. Its funny really, those that know me, hear me say Im over it and they are like...yeah right. Im so serious! NO more!! My husband is thrilled.... Little does he know...handbags are handbags! KWIM?? Gucci always works! LOL
  9. Oh - I'm jealous. I absolutely adore Key West! Know any law firms looking for an experienced paralegal? LOL!
  10. yep im the same, i just cant be trusted with Vachetta, and i adore Damier and vintage bags. So im safe so far :smile: xx
  11. I feel ya- it's so damn tricky being aware allllll the time watching handles and oils and lotions and ....blah.

    I saw these custom crochet pieces for handles....I guess it'd be ok if they were a really tight fit and seemd to be part of the bag.

    IDK though- my first though- gut was-----"nonsense, waste of money"
  12. i only have one mono piece, my speedy 25, and i am super careful about the vachetta, and will even check the weather before i leave the house to make sure it isn't supposed to rain! i have let her tan all summer (got her in june) and now she has a gorgy patina, so i am less anal about it. but i don't know if i am ready to take the leap for a bag with more vachetta on it! speedy is enough for me!
    Photo 12.jpg
  13. at first i was always verrrry carefull with my vachetta on my speedy 35, but then..i was in paris and it started to rain! NO WATER SPOTS!
    no i just love the patina proces and want everything dark!
    but i do understand you, and hey lv has cute non vachetta bags ;)
  14. count me in! i don't hate vachetta, but it's the patina process that's driving me psycho! that's why i kept away from bags that has vachetta handles, etc. because even if i take extra care of it, it will eventually turn's like my bag has a life span of its own! now im considering buying a wallet over a bag because it doesn't have vachetta
  15. This is why i dont have any mono... yet, i am wl for the vvn speedy, and I am dreading it!
    Actually I bought and sold within a few days my azur saleya, i was too scared of using her!!