No more Matinee?

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  1. Can someone pls confirm RM is not making any more Matinee? It's such a great bag, and I will be very sad to see it is being discontinued. :crybaby:

    If that's the case, I need to get another classic Matinee when I can. As of now, I know there are still several colors available on RM/boutique/Ebay: Light grey, wine, black, white, gold, tangerine & fuschia. Which would you say it is a good one to collect. I already have dark grey & yellow.
  2. First of all, your collection is AMAAAAAAzING! Those greens really pop out at you!

    Second of all, it looks as if wine would fit in well to your collection!
  3. There is some posts on it...RM said she is going to "re-work" the bag a little. I believe she mentioned tweaks like permanently flipping the the suede flaps back, and eliminating one of the exterior pockets that is currently on both sides of the bag.
  4. Hopefully the Matinee will be back after a few seasons but it will be different than the Mattie we have come to know and love. I would try to snag as many OH Matties as I could. I'm sure their resale will be quite high later and it is by far my fave style.
    HHMMMMM, looking at your absolutely TDF collection I would say a tangy would fit in perfectly.
  5. Oooh, when and where did you get that yellow mattie. I haven't seen one before!
  6. :heart: your collection ivy! I think a brown / cognac / burnt orange color might be a good addition to your already amazing collection.

    Btw, what's the color of the MAM / MAB in the left-most pic of your signature? Is that a navy or night blue? It's sooooo pretty... And the Nikki behind too, what color is that? I'm totally :drool::drool:
  7. I'm not sure which stores carried the yellow/silver spot mattie Lilac, but I have seen them on ebay from time to time.
  8. IIRC - Ivy's "blueish" bags are the new Concord color.

  9. Based on what you have in the pictures - I think Wine would be a good fit! I'm not much on full metallic bags(I like metallic trim or detailing), so Gold I don't know about. As for Tangerine, I think it's a great color and love my Tangy MAM - but I just don't think the color is a good fit on the Matinee, but again, that's just personal preference.
  10. Thank you thank you! 。。。

    I just saw another matinee - white stone wash。。 what do you all think about that one? Suppose to a rare/exclusive bag?
  11. btw, since we're on the topic of matties, does anyone know of any boutiques (not ebay) that still sells them? I know that RM still has the grey one on pre-order, but I was hoping to get one with a blue-ish tone... TIA!!!