No more mail order on Subs from outlets

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  1. says it all really!!
    Boohoo, finally tracked down a Blueberry Bays at Cheshire Oaks and they can no longer post sub bags out.
    Apparently this is the new policy at all the Outlets and will affect most new season bags.
  2. Hi Rachiem, Sorry you were disappointed about the Blueberry Bays. I thought this had always been the case with actual subs though?
  3. yes this has been the case for a while now, i wouldnt be surprised if they stopped mail order all together!

    i had this problem when i wanted to buy my denim bays i got them to hold it for me and i dashed to Shepton mallet (hour and a half drive!!)
  4. they've offered to transfer it to Bicester which is an hour and a half
  5. MM tempting but the zero feedback puts me off?
  6. Rachie - if they've offered to transfer it, it's worth taking them up on it! How does the price compare?
  7. it's £486, so more expensive than the one on Ebay...
    I asked if they could transfer it to a London store but they couldn't..
  8. i know it's annoying but if you really like the bag, go pick it up at bicester!
  9. Is a trip to Bicester on the cards??!! It would be good to see the bag "in person" and try it on. :biggrin:
  10. could some one go and take pics for you so you can decide?