No more LV for me...

  1. I have decided! I am not going to get a LV:sad:
  2. Why if you dont mind me asking
  3. I am not going to start on my first LV as yet...because I can't seem to find anything within my budget which is useful.

    Maybe I am delaying it till I go to HK in JAN 2008. But instead I will be buying a diamond dial for my Rolex watch. :graucho:

    But no worries I will still be at TPF!!!!!
  4. ahh thats a shame!!!! i still think you could get a cles! xx
  5. Maybe in HK...when I am there for a shopping spree hahah...
  6. what are the bagst that you had in mind but not within your budget?
  7. The Damier Naviglio! I love it..and I hope I can get it as my first LV! Well...I wanted to start small as my first LV. But changed my mind when I couldn't find anything useful.
  8. :confused1: That's sad
  9. No worries- you will reach the funds for your first bag soon!
  10. Hey Rolex is not bad either :smile:
  11. It's okay. Save your money and spend on what you love! :yes: I think you'll appreciate the LV even more so when you get it!
  12. I hope you find a bag right for you some day.
  13. A Rolex dial is not exactly slumming either. :lol:
  14. :yes: I'd rather get a new bag but that's just me!
  15. i rather get the rolex dial haha! no need to be sad