No more LV Cup? No more LV Cup line??

  1. This may be old news on here, but I remember hearing in passing that Louis Vuitton is no longer involved in the Americas Cup, so this signals the end of The Louis Vuitton Cup and indeed the end of the Louis Vuitton Cup line of bags, accessories and clothing/clothing accessories.

    Apologies again if this is old news on here, but can somebody confirm that this is the case?

    This collection is my favourite LV Cup line so far, and I am determined to grab a piece of it (The Spinnaker, if I can find it) before it completely disappears.

  2. We don't know for sure if it's the end of the cup line, but it's true that the company no longer suppoerts the america's cup. This year's line wasen't exactly gone in a second, so unless you really like it I wouldn't get it just for collecting reasons. I think this year's line is looking nice, and I did consider getting something at a point. =)
  3. But surely the name/label 'Louis Vuitton Cup' won't continue? I'm really curious as to where Vuitton will go as far as active/sports bags and items go - A new permanent line in the spirit of the Cup line?
  4. Depends on the past sales of the Cup line/if analysts say such a line might be successful.
  5. oh, i didn't know about this. well, ya it is a waste in a way since the previous bags under the LV cup line are quite nice. i also like this year's collection as it has my favorite V. and did you know that this line is water-resistant? i like it.
  6. yep, its true. no more LV Cup bags because they won't be hosting the Challenger races for the Americas Cup anymore. its a shame really.
  7. I don't know for sure but I cant see them doing the cup line if they don't sponsor the cup but if's been successful for them maybe they bring out a line for sailing in general