No More Love for Proenza Schouler?

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  1. I noticed that the board is quiet. Did people stop buying PS? Why? Quality issues?

    I'm eyeing a PS11 mini classic but not sure if it will work for me, as I only like crossbody bags now and I seldom find bags with straps that are long enough.
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  2. My sister recently gifted me a PS mini and then I did more reading about the brand. I found an article from late 2016. I do not think things have changed much. The brand is just not really "hot" or desirable. I love my bag and use it a lot but would not buy more. I find it wears very well and is very soft and useful. I think women these days sell off their bags a lot and pay closer attention to resale values, maybe?

    "Tradesy has possible bad news for Proenza Schouler. Tradesy reports that "the listing frequency for Proenza Schouler has increased four times over 2014, while purchases have increased only by two times, suggesting lower demand and less value retention for this brand than others on the list."
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  3. This seems to be the case for most brands. In time they become less popular and the older bags lose most of their value. I have one PS bag. I think it's very nice quality. Someone on TPF commented that PS didn't belong in the Premier category. I don't know why. I remember when I first saw them at Nordstrom I was impressed.
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  4. I still love the style of the PS1, but I haven't been into any of their more recent offerings at all...
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  5. I am new to PS, but now have two PS1 bags that I really like. Right now it looks like people are into the "fad" bags, shaped like animals, are clear plastic or with really strange geometric shapes like lamps! There is nothing wrong with that, but the PS1 is a classic style that has been around for many, many years and will come back into popularity at some point.
  6. I was late to the PS party but I really like my chain wallet and my PS1 tiny and PS1 medium that I bought all in the past 2 years. Super useful, lightweight, well made bags with lots of pockets. I love using them when I travel. The PS1 style is a really timeless, classic style and I think will still look good in 10 years.
  7. I finally saved enough to get my First PS1 this year, and other than the shoulder strap being shorter than I like, it’s the best bag I’ve ever owned, which as a Coach Fanatic, I never thought I’d say. I held off because I thought I’d be disappointed... I’m so not... My PS1 almost disproves the don’t meet your hero’s thing...

    I will say I’ve never seen another one in person and I live in a fairly metropolitan area... I just don’t think a lot of people really know about Proenza Schouler, their Target collabs never seem to do that well either....
  8. I really like their designs, but I've read about poor quality here so I've never really seriously considered buying one!
  9. I bought a ps1 tiny+ few months ago on sale approximately au$1100, not quite remember exact amount, my collection are mainly in premium designer brand, so when I received the bag, my opinion is the bag itself is well made, but not very impressed by it leather, its just not appealing “premium quality” to me, as a mini bag, the price tag isn’t low, compare to the same price range, YSL has way better leather quality and branding “glory” behind its products. My conclusion is my ps1 tiny+ is a nice and unique bag to have, but one is enough for me and I am not very keen to look foreword spending my money on this brand unless it comes out something major interesting or unique.
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  10. The quality of my bags has been excellent. No troubles whatsoever. I think quality issues sometimes appear greater and more widespread than they actually are as we here on tPF are obsessive about our bags, though perhaps rightfully so, since they cost a small fortune.
  11. I am curious how the quality of leather is determined? Is it how it looks, feels, holds up? The number 1 selling handbag is plastic coated cloth. Just an observation. And I admit I have never seen or felt a Hermes, a Dior, etc. And it is difficult to ask this using only written word without it sounding critical. It is not, I am just curious about others’ definition of quality.

    Also, there are multiple threads on TPF about declining quality of the premiere brands?
  12. It's a good question! I think the answer is somewhat subjective. Some people adore a very thick, soft leather that puddles. Others are fans of Prada saffiano or LV epi, which couldn't be further from that. I own a variety of bags from a variety of designers and, yes, I have leathers that are thicker and softer than the PS1 leather. I personally like the light-weight lamb used on the PS1. It's certainly a thin leather but that also makes it light and easy to carry and stuff full. It also can take the rain or snow and still looks good. It's a bag that I've always felt that PS expects people to really use, to carry on to trains and subways and to work or school, not a bag to sit on a shelf and be taken down for special occasions or to be particularly babied.

    Regarding declining quality overall for designers, I think the general thought is that top designers are producing so many bags to keep up with worldwide demand that quality has declined overall. If you take a look into individual forums, you'll generally find a thread or multiple threads on declining quality for that particular brand. But, I also think that is magnified on tPF. Someone gets a bag that they judge to be less than absolutely perfect and starts a thread. Going way back to when I first joined tPF, back in 2007, I remember reading about declining quality in a particular premier brand and how the bags weren't the same as a few years ago, from around 2000. Now, I've read people say they can't believe how much quality has declined since 2010. I say judge each bag on it's own and if it doesn't meet your standards, return it. I won't condemn an entire brand because a few people on tPF had problems.
  13. I have a keep all and have no complaints about the quality. I think the leather is nice and it's held up just fine
  14. I don’t have any Hermès or Dior, but do have some Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Balenciaga, Chloe and few more brands, of course even with each line of the same brand has varied types of leather, somehow when you feel these all sorts of leather often, even they are probably all in different texture and thickness but you can see and feel the juiciness, shine and substantial weight of the leather. When I first touch my PS1 tiny+ calf skin, the leather was thick but feels very puffy thick not “solid”, not that I meant it’s texture is chubby, in a more exaggerated way to describes it is like a thin leather stick on a sort of elastic form material, the leather was completely Matt and no shine on it at all, it looked dull, that’s why I had it for a while without feeling like to take it out, but once I forced myself to use it, the more I used the leather became more “alive”. Soften up a bit more, the natural oil or other stuff from my hands added bit shine on it. I am not sure how the hand will hold but last night I accidentally found one minor sealant pealing, just a little bit, I pulled it off. Fingers crossed don’t come undone or cracking.
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  15. Thank you ladies for your well written responses!!