No More Louis Vuitton (Whah)

  1. I graduated from Flight Attendant training last Friday. One of the requirements is a plain black bag. We cannot carry anything cutsey. Must be plain black leather, no buckles, etc.

    I just couldn't find anything in LV so I had break down & purchase a coach.
    After all the flying I've been doing in just the last 24 hours I've realized I'm going to be too tired to change to an LV bag when I'm home. :sad:

    I'm going to sell everything! (I'm not advertising here as a matter of fact, I'm not giving my eBay name).
    I just wanted to share my disappointment with a group of women who would understand.

    I don't have time for LV anymore. (But I'm not giving up my sandals.) :biggrin:

    I'm off to cry now
  2. Oh no :sad: :sad: ..

    Do you really have to sell them??
  3. can't carry a black Epi?

  4. That's terrible! No more Louis.
  5. I can't see holding on to them. I also did 4 weeks of training for no pay so selling them might make up for that.
  6. what about a black nomade? those look similar to the plain coach leathers. I feel for you! =)
  7. Don't sell them. You'll have uses for them when you not working. Don't give up your LVs.
  8. I checked into it. Has to be a certain size too.
  9. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that!!!!! Well, if you do start selling them, leave a few just for fun!
  10. ooh, that's sooo sad, can u keep it? you'll have holidays and days off right? i can't imagine if it happens to me :cry:
  11. the men's Taiga line has luggage too. and they have it in black. the leather is exquisite :love:!
  12. oh no, sorrie to hear this... may be u could keep a few bags for some non-work occasions?
  13. Sorry to hear :sad:
  14. aw no! don't sell it all! take a peek at other's suggestions!
  15. I thought about that before I completed training & then I found out the company makes me use their luggage too. :censor:
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