No more leather hangtag replacements?

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  1. I was so excited to get my persimmon Sophia off ebay that I didn't realize she was missing her hangtag! So I called up Coach since it is a current color thinking I could get a replacement easily. She said that they don't do leather replacements but they could send me a brass one. Then I asked for antique brass and she said they might be hard to find. She said it will take a week for them to find the antique ones for me but they are def sending a brass for my Sophia.

    Have you guys heard this? I'm a little disappointed :sad: I thought the leather ones were easy to get if it was a current color.
  2. Coach seems to be very inconsistent with this. Some people call and can't get leather tags "anymore", some people call and are told they can't get brass ones! Really, I would try calling again another time. Maybe check at your local FP store as well. My FP has this compartmentalized box of hangtags they pulled out when I asked for one.
  3. I was thinking that too. Maybe I will try the store.
  4. They have sent me leather ones recently... but they are cheap, crappy leather ones, not at all like the ones that actually come on the bags. I had to call about 50 times and resubmit my request before anything came. They also sent me brass in weird sizes and shapes I hadn't seen before, one clearly scratched and dirty and used, and some silver ones. Weird.
  5. I recently received a very nice large 'antique' brass one and a smaller silver one. While I would prefer the leather, I thought the metal ones were nice also.
  6. I get them from the SAs at my store. I like to add the metal hangtags to the new Madisons also
  7. Hi,

    You know the best part.... I called, requested and waited for 2 weeks before the hangtag finally arrived in the mail... Only to open the envelope to see that they gave me the metal chain for the hangtag and not the hangtag. :smile:
  8. Well, I ordered a British Tan one about a month & 1/2 ago, and a black one a month ago.

    Last week I finally got one in the mail........ Dark brown.

    Pretty sure I'm giving up trying.
  9. I did my request through e-mail, asking for a black leather tag for my Station Bag. I got the tag a couple of weeks later and it was a brass one. I thought it was a little odd, as I'd think basic black would be a simple one, but guess not. Fortunately it was a shiny, new brass one, but I prefer the leather hang tags for my vintage bags when possible. Oh well. But I have heard inconsistencies - no leather available, no metal available - guess it depends on who you happen to reach with the request.

    I need to request one for my vintage Navy City Bag - I'll be interested to see what I get!
  10. LOL - well, if you mix British Tan with Black, you would technically get dark brown - perhaps they were trying to kill two birds with one tag. :lol:
  11. OMG true! Just gotta figure out how to morph the two bags into one and I'll be all set.
  12. That's odd. Just a week ago I received a leather replacement hang tag for my Rugby Duffle. A shade darker than it should have been :rolleyes: but leather nonetheless.
  13. I'm worried now. I requested a Black one for my Soho Pocket Tote, and a Brown for my Chelsea Hobo. :sad:

    Well, we will see in 2-5 weeks. According to Madison (more originality would be a good thing).
  14. If the submitted request doesn't work from me I'll try mine. Do they like to see the purse when you go in? Not a problem, I'm just not carrying due to the missing hang tag.
  15. I did bring in the purse I wanted to get the replacement tag for, but you could call your store first and ask.